Ben Shapiro Has a Brilliant Idea about How to Stop a “Twitter Deep State” from Resisting Elon

Now that Elon has somehow pulled a miracle out of his hat and bought Twitter to turn it into a safe space for free speech, he faces the likely much, much harder task of fighting the deranged employees of the leftist company and bending their will to his.

If he truly wants to defend free speech in his new company, something that all of his statements make it sound like he wants to do, then he needs to figure out how to do whatever the tech company management version of herding cats is and somehow convince or cajole the liberals into either quitting or following the path that he believes in.

If he doesn’t, then the free speech project will be a miserable failure, as Twitter’s employees will just keep taking his money while banning those with whom they disagree in the name of “fighting hate speech” or some such leftist talking point.

Well, conservative podcaster and author Ben Shapiro might have figured out a way around that, an idea he dropped on his show, The Ben Shapiro Show. Speaking on the topic of what Musk should do to stop the woke Twitter employees from combatting his objectives, Shapiro said:

Musk needs to come in and he needs to fire everyone. I mean, everyone!

Indeed. Firing the wokies is probably the best way to deal with them; such a move would immediately get them out of the company so they can’t do damage any longer and would give everyone involved less ability to negotiate Musk down from his free speech position.

But Shapiro didn’t stop there. He went on, tearing into the woke company and explaining more about why Elon needs to fire all the woke employees ASAP, saying:

Twitter has hundreds, if not thousands of employees. There’s been studies done of the donations, the political donations of the people working at Twitter. 98.7% of all donations from the people working at Twitter went to Democrats in the last election.

“It doesn’t matter what rules Elon Musk sets top-down if the so-called ‘Twitter Deep State’ is still implementing its favored policies. Because this is the thing, Donald Trump found this out when he was president. You can name the policy top-down but if everyone at the state department hates your guts, they’re just going to undermine your policy.

“When Musk takes over the company, he should do what every boss at every company does. He should review the employee list and figure out who is good and who is bad. Not purely on the basis of politics but on the basis of performance.”

Watch the episode here:

Shapiro is certainly right about what Musk needs to do if he’s to bend the company to his will rather than be dragged along by the demands of blue-haired, woke employees.

Now let’s see if he actually crosses the Rubicon and does it, effectively declaring war on the insane left in the process.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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