Blame Joe Biden’s ‘lawlessness’ for Loss of Texas National Guardsmen: Ted Cruz

Who’s to blame for the recent, tragic death of a National Guardsman along the Texas border? According to Senator Ted Cruz, it’s not Texas Governor Abbott or the illegal immigrants involved who are to blame, but rather President Slow Joe Biden.

Speaking on that, Cruz first related the incident to the soldiers that Biden got killed in Afghanistan during the disastrous withdrawal from that nation, saying, in an interview with Fox’s Guy Benson (transcript throughout this article provided by Fox):

Well, tragically, this is yet another death that for which the Biden administration is directly responsible, we have the 13 servicemen and women who were murdered in Afghanistan as a result of their disastrously failed withdrawal and surrender to the Taliban.

“And now yet another serviceman, the National Guardsman, who was answering the call, was stepping forward to defend his nation, and he died selflessly saving the lives of others. And this shouldn’t have had to happen.

Indeed it shouldn’t have. Yet it did because the border was left wide open by Slow Joe and his trainwreck of an administration, with Abbott having to intervene and send National Guard troops to the border to defend it from the hordes of migrants coming over it.

Continuing, Cruz highlighted how it’s not just the National Guardsman who died at the border, however tragic his death was, but also all those other who have perished as a result of Biden’s soft on illegal immigration policies. Speaking on that disaster at the border, Cruz said:

We’re seeing an extraordinary influx of illegal immigration. Over two million people last year, the highest rate in 61 years, and that’s the direct result of political decisions made by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. And it has resulted tragically in an enormous loss of life.

Not only this guardsman who heroically lost his life but also the many victims of crime as violent criminals and gang members have been among those illegal aliens coming in. Spread of infectious diseases, including COVID-19. This has been an ongoing humanitarian disaster and were it not for the lawlessness of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the refusal to enforce the law, the odds are very good this National Guardsman who would still be with us and still living because he would not have been needing to combat the chaos of the border caused by Biden and Harris.

Nor was that the end of it. A bit later in the interview with Guy Benson, Senator Cruz absolutely ripped into what’s happening at the border, particularly the suffering and chaos, and pointing out that whatever the left says, it obviously doesn’t care about the suffering wrought by its policies. In his words:

Well, Guy, unfortunately the answer to how they can go forward is they just don’t give a damn. It is all politics all the time with this administration. I’m — I’m glad you’re down there seeing it firsthand. I think it is incredibly important for particularly everyone in media to see firsthand what is happening because you cannot defend this chaos of suffering, the disaster that is unfolding.

He then proceeded to describe the Dantean horror at America’s southern border that he’s seen with his own eyes when he went to visit, saying:

If you see it last year — I brought 19 senators down to the border, down to the Rio Grande Valley to see it first hand and — and I got to tell you, my colleagues were shocked, they were astonished. We went out on the river and — and even that one time — day we were out on the river we saw a dead body floating of someone who had been presumably trying to cross illegally who had drowned, who had lost his life.

We saw a constant stream of men, women, children, little children, infants coming across just one after the other, after the other, a constant flow of humanity. We saw the Biden cages packed with children lying side by side, packed in like sardines, as close as humanly possible. And the reason I say the Democrats don’t give a damn is for four years they went on and on and on about kids in cages. You couldn’t turn on the TV without hearing that refrain. What they acknowledge is that Barack Obama built the cages and the cages today are bigger and more full under Joe Biden.

Getting then to the hypocrisy and callousness of the left, Cruz pointed out that the left couldn’t care a whit about all that suffering, all that horror, now that it’s in charge. It only cares when it can use the suffering as a talking point. Speaking on that, Cruz said:

And suddenly the Democrats don’t care. Joe Biden hasn’t been to the border, Kamala Harris hasn’t been to the Rio Grande Valley, the national media ignores that kids on (ph) cages — AOC in her white pantsuit famously weeping about the kids in cages. If it’s Joe Biden locking them up, nothing to see here, not a problem.

Finally, Cruz highlighted how the Biden border policies have pushed people near the border, Americans who now have to go about their daily lives armed to the teeth in case they need to fight off the bloodthirsty cartels working along the border or criminal illegals crossing it, saying:

And I got to tell you, the people in South Texas, one of the reasons why South Texas, I believe, is going to turn red in this election because nobody, regardless of your party, if you see this you can’t defend it.

And Guy, I’m — you know I have done a number of round tables with people in South Texas, I’ve talked with farmers and ranchers moms angry who say listen, I won’t let my teenage children go out on property without carrying a loaded firearm because there are so many traffickers coming across our property. And they yell at you, they say what the hell is going on, this is America. My kids ought to be able to be safe on our property. This is the result of cynical politics from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and there isn’t a single Democrat in the Senate that gives a damn enough to stop it.

Brilliant points from Cruz. The right needs to keep hammering those points home in the days to come, using them to thrash the left and its failed policies viciously and hopefully stop the suffering at the border.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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