“Cold War”: DeSantis Sends Not So Veiled Threat Georgia’s Way

While Georgia Governor Kemp has followed DeSantis’ lead in passing pro-parent legislation of the sort that caused leftists to freak out when Florida passed its so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill, Florida Governor DeSantis is obviously worried that far-left Democrat Stacey Abrams might win the gubernatorial race in a state turned purple by migration.

As a result, DeSantis sent a warning Georgia’s way during a recent press conference, saying:

I just want you to know that we really appreciate our Georgians

“If Stacey Abrams is elected Governor of Georgia, I’m just going to be honest, that will be a Cold War between Florida and Georgia at that point. I mean, I can’t have Castro to my south and Abrams to my north. That’d be a disaster.”

Indeed it would be. As we’ve seen with Biden’s “governance,” over the past year or so, Democrat rule is an utter disaster, particularly on the cultural and economic fronts.

So, it makes sense that DeSantis wouldn’t want a failed state to his northern border; some California copy from below the Mason-Dixon would be a pain to deal with.

Fortunately, however, it currently looks unlikely that Abrams will win; the Hill, in an article on the Georgia gubernatorial election, noted that both GOP candidates are currently in the lead, saying:

Former Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams (D) trails both her potential Republican opponents in her second bid to become governor, according to a new The Hill/Emerson College poll that found a highly polarized electorate divided across racial lines.

The survey found incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp (R) leading Abrams by a 51 percent to 44 percent margin. Former Sen. David Perdue (R), who is mounting a primary challenge against Kemp, leads Abrams by a 49 percent to 44 percent margin.

Kemp, then Georgia’s secretary of state, beat Abrams in 2018 by a margin of just 1.4 percentage points, or about 55,000 votes out of nearly 4 million cast.

So, while having a radical leftist state to the north would be bad news for Florida and would certainly be bad news for the Georgians that would have to live with it, perhaps such an eventuality won’t come to pass.

However, the continual bickering between Kemp and Perdue, both of whom are uninspiring candidates, could hurt that, as they’re focusing more on fighting each other than going after Abrams.

For example, Kemp’s spokesman, Cody Hall, argued that Kemp is the only one that could beat Abrams, saying:

Every single public poll shows Governor Kemp is the only Republican who will beat Stacey Abrams this November. It is past time for David Perdue to realize he is the only thing standing in the way of Georgia Republicans achieving that goal.”

Meanswhile, Perdue’s campign fired back and said that Kemp can’t beat Abrams but Perdue can, saying:

These numbers once again show Kemp is in serious trouble. An incumbent stuck in the low 40s both on the full ballot and in a head-to-head matchup is the definition of a sinking ship.”

“Kemp realizes he’s in trouble with conservatives and is spending millions attacking Perdue. Those attacks aren’t working, and Perdue’s numbers will rise when he goes back on TV. If you’re undecided at this point, you’re likely not going back to the incumbent. Perdue is in a strong position to win this primary and become Georgia’s next governor.”

Either one could probably win, but not if the duo turn off voters by attacking the other too harshly; if the “Cold War” is to be averted, one needs to take the lead and the two need to stop wasting campaign money fighting each other.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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