Court Reinstates Biden’s Federal Covid Vaccine Mandate For Federal Employees

Oh, you thought Covid vaccine mandates were a thing of the past? Think again.

Yesterday, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans reinstated President Biden’s executive order mandating all federal civilian employees be vaccinated against the dreaded COVID-19.

A 6,000 member organization called “Feds for Medical Freedom” had challenged President Biden’s mandate for federal employees. The said that the president exceeded the grounds of his authority.

In January, a Trump-appointed U.S. district judge blocked the mandate. Biden pushed back on the ruling and spouted off by saying that the federal trial court had no power to rule on the dispute.

WJTV reported on U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Brown’s statements.

U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Brown of Texas had issued a nationwide injunction against the requirement in January.

Brown said at the time that the question was whether the president could “require millions of federal employees to undergo a medical procedure as a condition of their employment. That, under the current state of the law as just recently expressed by the Supreme Court, is a bridge too far.”

However, in its ruling on Thursday, the New Orleans 5th Circut panel towed the line with President Biden. The Circut panel said that District Judge Brown did not have jurisdiction in the case because employees should have challenged the ruling by going through administrative remedies under Civil Service law.

If you ask me, it’s a cat and mouse game. President Biden and his minions know that if employees pursue the administrative remedies, they will never get anywhere. If the employees were to go that route, would they be able to work without having received the vaccine? I don’t think so.

The reinstatement of the mandate comes when other countries are ruling against vaccine mandates for their citizens.

Germany rejected the vaccine mandate yesterday, with 378 voting against the mandate and 296 voting for it.

Last month, New Zealand’s High Court ruled that the vaccine mandate was a “gross violation of human rights.”

According to NewsPunch:

The landmark case means that the police and NZDF cannot be fired for refusing to take the experimental vaccine. This case will be used to overthrow all of Ardern’s illegal mandates in New Zealand.

Justice Francis Cooke ruled that ordering frontline police officers and Defence staff to be vaccinated or face losing their job was not a “reasonably justified” breach of the Bill of Rights.

The court accepted that vaccination has a significant beneficial effect in limiting serious illness, hospitalisation, and death, including with the Omicron variant. However, it was less effective in reducing infection and transmission of Omicron than had been the case with other variants of Covid-19.

“In essence, the order mandating vaccinations for police and NZDF staff was imposed to ensure the continuity of the public services, and to promote public confidence in those services, rather than to stop the spread of Covid-19. Indeed health advice provided to the government was that further mandates were not required to restrict the spread of Covid-19. I am not satisfied that continuity of these services is materially advanced by the order,” the Judge said.

Why is the U.S. moving to reinstate the vaccines when other countries are moving away from them? That is a question that only our fumbling, mumbling, and bumbling president can answer.

This story syndicated with permission from nevin, Author at Trending Politics

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