COVID ‘Over’ for Illegals at Border, Not Americans on Planes?

As the United States re-opened following a year of draconian lockdowns, states like California & New York, slow-walked the easing of their policies, and the Biden administration continued to push for a national vaccine mandate and left in place the mask requirement for those taking public transport.

In spite of all the data, the Biden administration announced that the nationwide mask mandate for public transit will be extended another two weeks.

The extension of mask mandates has prompted some rank-and-file House Republicans to take legal action against the CDC. Last month, Rep. Thomas Massie and 16 other House Republicans filed a lawsuit with a Kentucky district court, arguing the CDC “does not have the legal authority to force people traveling on commercial airlines to wear masks.”

One lawmaker called the move “hypocritical,” while others highlighted the ineffectiveness of the mandate as well as the recent announcement of the lifting of Title 42 – a public health provision that serves as an essential tool in combating the spread of COVID-19 and controlling the influx of migrants at our southern border.

Dozens blasted the administration on Twitter. Republican officials expressed outrage over the reports:

“Biden is repealing Title 42 to allow a flood of often unmasked, untested, and unvaccinated illegal immigrants from dozens of countries into the U.S… while mask mandates still remain in effect for the American people,” wrote Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC), who is also a physician. “This was never about science.”

“The Biden Admin needs to stop talking out both sides of its mouth on COVID,” wrote Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY). “They have no problem saying the COVID emergency is over to lift Title 42 & worsen the border crisis but still using COVID as an excuse to keep unscientific mandates on Americans.”

“Too much hypocritical BS,” he added.

“Biden: extends mask mandate for travel,” tweeted the official account of the Republican National Committee. “Also Biden: no mask mandates for crossing the southern border illegally.”

It is truly ridiculous that the CDC removed covid restrictions for illegal migrants but is going to keep forcing the rest of us to wear masks on airplanes,” wrote Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL). “The agency has become wildly politicized and shouldn’t have the power to do any of this.”

On the other side of the aisle: Democrats have been largely quiet on the Biden administration’s decision to extend the traveling mask mandate by 15 days. One of the few Democratic voices to speak out on the matter was Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), who urged the CDC last month to maintain the policy in light of the recent rise of Covid cases.

Democrats are staying silent on the issue, which is no accident.

The party has been trying to move on from pandemic-related mandates for weeks now, in a bid to show far things have come since the beginning of the 2020 lockdown.

Rallying to the defense of public transit mandates, as much as most Dems would probably agree, might risk undercutting that message. 

By: Eric Thompson, editor of Eric Thompson Show.

This story syndicated with permission from Eric Thompson, Author at Trending Politics

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