Democrats Handed Yet another Problem Before Midterms

The Democrat-controlled New York legislature recently tried ramming through a redistricting plan that would have given the Democrats a major step up in this year’s midterms, a move that would have provided a bit of a reprieve for the party on the national level.

Even FiveThirtyEight, which generally tilts to the left, was forced to acknowledge just how egregiously unbalanced the new map is, saying:

The proposed map has an efficiency gap of D+9, but that understates how severely it would tilt the playing field toward Democrats. The proposed map creates 20 Democratic-leaning seats and only four Republican-leaning seats and two highly competitive seats (both of which tilt toward Democrats themselves). This is an increase of three Democratic-leaning seats, a decrease of three Republican-leaning seats and a decrease of one highly competitive seat from the old map. If the map is enacted, it would likely set up Democrats to flip the open Republican-held 1st and 22nd districts, as well as Republican Rep. Nicole Malliotakis’s 11th District. GOP Rep. Claudia Tenney would also be thrown into a competitive race against Democratic Rep. Antonio Delgado in the new 19th District.

So, the Democrats attempted to hand themselves a few more seats as a way of staving off a bloodbath in the national elections, redrawing the lines on the map to unfairly save their own skins in the face of Biden’s unpopularity.

Well, Steuben County State Supreme Court Judge Patrick McAllister struck down the redistricting plan, ruling that the map was drawn with such obvious bias that it was unconstitutional, as CNN reported, saying:

Judge Patrick McAllister ruled Thursday that the map “was unconstitutionally drawn with political bias” by the Democratic-controlled legislature and created no competitive seats. The state legislature has until April 11 to pass a new map and submit it to the court for review, and McAllister further stated that the map had to receive “bipartisan support.”

Steuben County GOP Chairman Joe Sempolinski, speaking to Just the News about the ruling, said:

I’m proud of the decision that was made because these maps were a blatant violation of the New York State constitution which explicitly banned partisan gerrymandering. Anyone could see that these were partisan gerrymanders.

Similarly, Former Rep. John Faso, one of the ones involved in challenging the gerrymandered map, cheered the ruling, saying:

New York has an explicit constitutional prohibition on partisan gerrymandering. The Democrats violated that prohibition. They did it knowingly, they did it willingly, they did it joyfully. And the court today struck them down. This is a victory for the people of the state, and it’s a victory for competitive and fair elections in New York state.

The ruling is indeed a major victory for the GOP, assuming it’s upheld by the state’s superior court; the GOP seems poised to win a major victory in the 2022 midterms unless Democrats scheme their ways out of a bloodbath. Rulings like this one should help stop them from doing so.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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