“Elon’s Musk”: The Daily Wire’s Newest (Joke) Business Idea is Hilarious

Elon, with his $43 billion offer to buy out Twitter, raised a few eyebrows, and not only on the left, which obviously went berserk at the idea that Elon might return Twitter to its roots and once again make it a place where ideas are shared and discussed rather than censored by some blue-hair in California.

In fact, a few on the right raised their eyebrows at the idea too, wondering why Elon would be willing to effectively hand close to $50 billion to people that obviously hate and detest him. Why would Elon want to line the pockets of far-left radicals rather than spending his money on building a conservative alternative, or some other business more in line with his values from the ground up?

One such right-leaning personality was Jeremy’s Razors, the razor company created by the Daily Wire after Harry’s Razors went woke. It tweeted out a hilarious mock cologne idea, “Elon’s Musk,” saying:

Hey @elonmusk , don’t give your $43 billion to a woke corporation that hates you. Give it to Jeremy’s instead, and we’ll launch a new scent in your honor.

Now, the tweet was almost certainly a joke, though even a razor/entertainment/conservative political commentary company could probably figure out how to make a cologne with $43 billion to spend doing so.

However, there might have been a point behind Jeremy’s Razors making the joke and tagging Elon other than just wanting to make a funny joke: hoping for an Elon retweet. That’s because Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing, during an interview with the Tim Pool, said that he thinks an Elon retweet would lead to the razor company selling a whole lot more razors.

As the Daily Wire reported, discussing Elon in the context of Boreing using one of Musk’s flamethrowers to torch a pack of Harry’s razors:

On Timcast, Boreing revealed that he actually used a flame thrower created by The Boring Company, which was founded by Elon Musk. He also said that Musk was the “greatest living American” because of his affirmative vision for the country.

“It’s a real flame thrower. It’s not the smartest idea I ever had … but it’s definitely the most bada*** idea I’ve ever had,” Boreing said on Timcast, before revealing that it was indeed made by The Boring Company.

After being asked by a co-host if he believes in synergy and the divine confluence of things, Boreing jokingly responded, “I definitely believe that if Elon Musk will retweet my razor company, I will sell even more bajillions of razor blades.”

Indeed, both are true: Musk is a great American (perhaps so great as to be deserving of his own cologne scent) and if he jumped in behind the razor company, it would likely grow even larger than it already is.

Now it just remains to see if Elon will bite and joke about the cologne, or if he has bigger things to focus on as his battle with Twitter grows ever more contentious and high-stakes.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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