Epic: Musk Hilariously Blows Up on Journalists

Elon Musk just tore into the media establishment that’s done so much to make his life more difficult by constantly “reporting” on potential future problems that Tesla might have, seemingly wanting to see the stock price of the innovative company fall or for the government to do more to take on Musk.

Well, Musk is sick and tired of those journalists claiming to “debunk” his predictions or make predictions of their own, arguing that he’s generally right with his predictions and that the coverage of him is very unfair.

Speaking on that in a video interview with Chris Anderson, one of the TED people, Elon said:

If you list my sins, I sound like the worst person on Earth. But if you put those against the things I’ve done right, it makes much more sense, you know.”

Continuing and describing it as  “very annoying when that happens,” Elon then blasted how journalists tend to act quite unfairly when “debunking” his predictions, saying:

What tends to happen is I’ll make some best guess and then in five years there will be some jerk that writes some article: ‘Elon said this would happen and it didn’t happen! He’s a liar and a fool!’

Particularly, he said that how they cover him is unfair because the so-called “predictions” that he gets wrong are generally just guesses about when things will happen, not his definitive statement that something might happen at a specific time. Speaking on that, Elon said:

These are just guesses, people shouldn’t hold me to these things.”.

He then went on to note how the journalists that want to bring him down are using his years of experience against him: rather than highlighting the many things he’s gotten right over the years, they continue to just report on what he’s gotten wrong, which makes him sound like a bad predictor. Speaking on that, Elon said:

Essentially, the longer you do anything, the more mistakes that you will make cumulatively. Which, if you sum up those mistakes, will sound like I’m the worst predictor ever.

Some of it also comes down to an issue of perspective. In Musk’s view, the “prediction” isn’t when exactly something will come to pass, that’s just a guess. Rather, the part that’s important and needs to be taken seriously is that the predictions came to pass at all:

“The point is not that it was a few years late, but that it happened at all.”

Elon has a fair point. Whenever he says Tesla will do something, whenever he announces some bold innovation or step forward that brings the future to life, he isn’t praised for his vivid imagination and ability to innovate, but rather ruthlessly attacked for being a month or a year late in creating something that no one else even thought possible.

Elon is one of America’s last great innovators, a remnant of those past days when great men accomplished great things and were openly proud of their titanic accomplishments. He has reason to despise the sniveling journalists that ignore his successes while only reporting on his failed predictions.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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