Governor Abbott Wins a Big Border Battle Victory

Texas Governor Abbott, one of the main figures who is in the news for his campaign of resistance against Team Biden’s insane open border policies, particularly its revocation of the Title 42 authority that made deportations far easier.

Well, in addition to humiliating Biden by shipping illegals to DC, a hilarious move that’s recently gone into effect, Gov. Abbott has also apparently conducted a little bit of border diplomacy of his own and convinced his counterpart in Mexico, the governor of Mexico’s Nuevo Leon province, trading safety checks on certain trucks for a promise from Mexico to shut off the illegal immigration tap from that province.

Speaking on that in a “victory” speech that will hopefully prove more accurate in its declaration of victory than George W. Bush’s infamous “mission accomplished” speech, Governor Abbott said:

Governor [Samuel] Garcia [Sepulveda] and I reached an agreement today … Governor Garcia has begun and will continue enhancing border security enforcement measures on the Nuevo Leon side of the border, both at ports of entry and alongside the Rio Grande River, to prevent illegal immigration … The Texas Department of Public Safety can return to its previous practice [and] The effect of this will be that the bridge from Nuevo Leone and Texas will return to normal, effective immediately. Right now. It will remain that way as long as the Nuevo Leon executes this historic agreement.

Yet better, Abbot announced that he’s also working on formulating deals with other Mexican provincial governors, saying:

I look forward to working with all of them toward achieving results similar to what we are achieving today with Governor Garcia. Until, however, those agreements are reached with those states, the Texas Department of Public Safety will continue to thoroughly inspect vehicles entering into the United States from every Mexican state except Nuevo Leon.

In addition to hopefully stopping the flow of illegal immigrants into Texas, the move will also, as indicated by Governor Abbott’s speech, hopefully make the border crossing speedier.

Abbott, in the wake of Biden’s decision to end Title 42 and the massive wave of humanity crossing over from Mexico, implemented stringent safety checks on trucks coming across the border from Mexico, safety checks that seriously slowed traffic. The Mexican safety checks have made the process a good bit speedier, as the New York Post reported, saying:

In exchange, Abbott would stop inspections that have caused a massive backlog in cargo traffic at Texas ports of entry and cost state businesses an estimated $100 million dollars a day.

The first Mexican checkpoint was set up south of the Laredo-Colomba bridge on Tuesday, according to Mexican newspaper, El Norte. The Mexican inspections are taking 30 minutes compared to the 45 to 60 minutes the Texas Department of Public Safety inspections are taking, the outlet reported.

The checks caused a good bit of chaos at the border, so perhaps by changing how they’re conducted in return for Mexico dealing with the illegal immigrant problem, Abbott will return the area to calm in more ways than one.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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