“Grifters” and “Influence Peddlers”: GOP Senator Rips Biden Family

What words can one use to accurately describe the Biden brood? Senator Ron Johnson found a few that will sound quite accurate to many on the right. Tearing into the Bidens recently, he slammed them as being a brood of “grifters” and “influence peddlers.” Sure sounds accurate, particularly when Hunter is taken into account.

Speaking to “Just the News — Not Noise,” Senator Johnson was utterly merciless in the vivid picture he painted of the Bidens, saying:

“They knew exactly what they were doing. They were using Vice President Biden’s position and his name to peddle influence, and rake in, vacuum in millions of dollars from all over the world.

“The Bidens are grifters. They’re influence peddlers. They’ve made millions. They’ve compromised themselves, and they’ve compromised America’s national security.

While savage, that’s far from all that Senator Johnson has had to say about the Biden family recently, and while many of his comments have been about Hunter, that’s far from the only Biden that he’s attacking.

For example, he tore into the Biden family business ventures and slammed them as corrupt during an appearance on Hannity, saying:

It’s influence peddling, it’s corrupt and the fact that Joe Biden repeatedly lied that he’d never spoken to Hunter about his overseas business transactions is obviously refuted and rebutted by the fact that he has multiple photographs.

You know, this is just the latest piece of evidence right here. One of the questions I have is I wonder if the Communist Chinese Party was going to task Christopher Lee with stealing our intellectual property at universities. Joe Biden has canceled the China Initiative, which is designed to investigate college students and potentially professors that are stealing our intellectual property for the better for the Communist Party in China. 

[…]So again, you know, this is sleazy, it’s corrupt. 

Senator Johnson has also ripped into Hunter Biden specifically. He did so recently when speaking to Newsmax, saying:

there’s a number of business firms that Hunter was involved in [that] were getting wire transfers directly from these companies that were tied directly to the [Chinese Communist Party]. In some cases, the People’s Liberation Army as well.

“Hunter Biden knew full well who he was dealing with Remember one of those transfers — a million dollars — to represent Patrick Ho, who is now a convicted felon on money laundering and bribery charges. But there’s an email where Hunter Biden says that he is the ‘expletive deleted spy chief of China.

What type of person would accept a million dollars to deal with a corrupt Chinese spy chief? What American would work with businesses tied to the CCP and PLA? An “influence peddler.” A “grifter”. That’s who.

Senator Johnson needs to start bringing receipts and backing up these Biden accusations with hard facts. But, while we wait for him to do so, his depictions of the Biden family and what activities its members might have been up to is encouraging: at least someone is calling out the Bidens.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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