Herschel Walker Fires Back at Critics

Recently, the Nation published a vicious piece about Herschel Walker titled “The Herschel Walker Senate Campaign Is an Insult to Black People,” a piece that’s horrid in tone and calls Walker a “minstrel,” saying:

Herschel Walker, the football star turned Georgia Senate candidate, is an animated caricature of a Black person drawn by white conservatives. Walker is what they think of us, and they think we’re big, ignorant, and easily manipulated. They think we’re shady or criminal. They think we’re tools to be used. The Walker campaign exists as a political minstrel show: a splashy rendition of what white Republicans think Black people look and sound like.

Well, appearing on Fox, future Senator Walker tore into his critics and defended himself and his reputation from their vicious slanders.

He started doing so by attacking the Democrats and their policies, pointing out how terrible Democrat policies of the sort pushed by Biden are for the people of Georgia, saying:

But what’s strange about it is he’s not telling everyone that the Democratic Party has left the brown and black people behind. They forgot all about us. And they not just forgot about us, you look at the policies that’s going on, which has nothing to do with color. What it has to do with is these policies is not suitable for the people of Georgia. They’re not suitable for the people of the United States of America. And it doesn’t matter what he called me. You know, I was bullied when I was a little kid. Words are not going to hurt me.

Continuing, Walker defended his credentials, highlighting his academic and business record in addition to his athletic record and arguing that he’s a hard worker, all of which are aspects he presents as giving him the qualifications necessary to be a Senator. In his words:

“Right now, he knows, and I’m going to take my athletic world out of this, I’m the most qualified candidate for this race right now, and I’m the most qualified candidate to represent Georgia as a United States senator. So it doesn’t matter what you say. I know what I’ve done. You know, first of all, I did graduate as one of the top members in my class in high school, and I do have one of the largest minority-owned food service companies in the United States of America because I’ve worked my tail off to become that and I want everyone to have the same advantages that I’ve had, and the way you do that is by working hard, by getting out there putting their perspiration and aspiration to whatever you do, make sure you do it the right way. And so, it doesn’t matter what they say.”

Finally, he argued that people need to be brought together, not divided, saying:

“I represent the people of Georgia, and I’m not going to do what people tell me to do, and I’m not going to have you to bully me because you can’t. But what I would love to do for you to take the time to come down to Georgia. We sit down and break bread because I’m about bringing people together, not separating people. What it seems like you are is to separate people because of color. That’s not Herschel Walker.”

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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