“I Don’t Need Your Business”: Georgia Business Owner Slams Biden Voters

If you own a business like a restaurant, do you have to serve everyone who shows up? Turns out, in Georgia you can tell Democrats to bugger off, which is awesome. That came out on Twitter, with a  picture of a sign on a door going viral.

The sign, labeled “NOTICE” read:

If you voted for Brandon’s Build Back BS and don’t have remorse or regrets I wish you would leave, I don’t need your business.

“Your ignorant, naive decision has more than doubled our costs of goods and depleted our labor force by more than triple. If this is what you consider to be building back better I don’t care to look at or serve you, nor should any other restaurant!

Boom. Now that’s funny. Townhall adds that there was a sign on a chair inside the restaurant that blamed Biden for Covid. As that outlet reported:

Another sign posted on a chair inside the restaurant claimed that COVID-19 was “created” in Biden’s “lab” and that those inconvenienced can “thank a socialist who voted for handouts.”

Other details about what exactly was going on are sparse. It’s not known when exactly the sign was put up, what sparked the owner to risk a social media mob and put it up, or if the sign has had any impact on its business. However, given that the restaurant is in Cartersville, GA, the sign probably wasn’t overly necessary to scare off Biden voters.

It has, however, been seen by at least a few liberals. Newsweek quotes one person, Tina, as saying that the restaurant has had multiple signs up blaming the left for things over the past few years, saying:

Tina said she was once in the establishment “years ago” but not any time recently. She said multiple individuals in her community have confirmed the establishment as the one that posted the sign, but it’s allegedly not new.

“This is not the first sign that they’ve had up,” Tina said. “Through COVID they’ve had several signs at different times that blame liberals for various things.”

So, predictably, the online mob got upset, with people on Reddit and Twitter getting angry about the sign and the fact that the business and its sister restaurant received PPP (paycheck protection program) loans that were later forgiven. As one leftie put it on Twitter:

The MAGA Appalachian Grill in Cartersville, Georgia decided that if you voted for Biden, they don’t want to look at your ignorant face. Oh & Biden forgave $300k in PPE loans for this asshole. I’m thinking they should pay those back right about now

Perhaps “The Jewish Ginger Resister” needs to settle down. Was he really going to eat at the Georgia restaurant? Probably not. So he can chill out about the sign and we’ll just ignore the half a dozen rainbow flags fluttering around wherever he eats and call it even.

Regardless,the sign is pretty funny and a great way of keeping liberals away.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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