Liz Warren Makes Radical Arguments about Combatting Elon Musk

Want more evidence that Democrats aren’t interested in protecting the rights of ordinary Americans, particularly the right to freedom of speech? Well look no further than Lyin’ Liz Warren, or “Pocahontas”, who went on the warpath against Elon Musk in a recent appearance on MSNBC’s “The Beat”.

She, speaking about Musk and the power of Big Tech, first decided that now’s the time to bring up yet another tax she wants to burden Americans with, saying:

“I see that we need to make two big changes. The first one is we need a wealth tax in America. Let’s talk about how Elon’s purchase here was subsidized by tens of millions of people who have paid their taxes every year.”

Then, after getting her desire to further drain America’s producers of capital by taxing them to death so that more welfare programs can be funded out of the way and in the open, Liz went on the attack against Elon and the power of Big Tech, saying:

“The second part is we need rules of the road for big tech. But ultimately, what all of this boils down to is power. Who’s going to have the power in our country?

“Are we going to make these decisions as a democracy, or is this going to be Elon Musk all by himself off in a room, a bazillionaire who just plays by his own set of rules, and that’s really what’s at stake here.”

To quote Theoden from the Lord of the Rings, “where was Gondor when the Westfold fell.” Or, in this situation, “where as Liz when Big Tech censored news outlets and the sitting president of the United States?” She was silent, okay with what was happening because her enemies were the ones being silent.

But those enemies struck back and bought Twitter, so now she’s freaking out and wringing her hands about their power. The craven attitude is so bold it’s stunning.

But she didn’t think a bit about it and instead went on, demanding yet more regulation and further attacking Elon Musk, saying:

We need rules of the road, and look. There are going to be rules. Like I said, the only question is will Elon Musk decide all of the rules by himself in a darkroom, or is it going to be the case that we’re going to decide this as a country? We’re going to make rules in a democracy.”

“Rules of the road could help facilitate that kind of competition and frankly, break the stranglehold of someone like Elon Musk coming in and owning the whole thing.

Perhaps Liz is right that more rules are needed for social media and Big Tech. But she doesn’t want those rules so that free speech is protected, she wants to force Big Tech to do her bidding no matter who owns it. The timing of her call for regulation makes that perfectly and sickeningly clear.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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