LOL: Kamala Gets Some Bad News from Her Home State

Is cackling Kamala Harris well-liked by anyone, including residents of California, her home state? Not really. Only gluttons for punishment, those who enjoy hearing a cackle that sounds like nails on a chalkboard while watching someone behave in the most incompetent way possible, could even somewhat support her.

That fact is reflected by a recent California poll, a poll conducted by the Berkely Institute of Governmental Studies. That poll found that in Harris’ home state, California, only 35% of people approve of her!

35%! That’s terrible. California is far-left, full of crazies, and theoretically has at least a bit of state loyalty for Harris and would want someone from it in the halls of power. But, even with all those factors in her favor, Harris is at a terrible 35% approval rating.

Still worse, even in the spot where Kamala spent most of his career, the Bay Area, only leans a few more points in her direction. While 35% of Californians generally support her, 38% do in the Bay Area, which isn’t a great result after years of work.

Noting the scale of voter dislike of Kamala and the massive trend in that direction, the LA Times reports that:

Respondents continue to see her more negatively than positively, with 35% of voters approving her performance and 45% disapproving. Two months ago, her rating was 38% approval to 46% disapproval. The number of voters with no opinion of her performance has increased to 21% in April from 15% in February.

Describing why voters don’t like Kamala, the poll director said “a number of voters are in a reevaluation mode/ “It’s not as if they’ve all gone to disapproval. They’ve gone to having no opinion. That’s not as bad but certainly not good for the vice president in her home state.

But, while Kamala got some of the worst news from the poll, she wasn’t the only one who should be worried about what might happen come 2022 and 2024. Slow Joe also didn’t do too hot, as the LA Times reported, saying:

Roughly 6 in 10 California voters give President Biden poor marks on his handling of inflation, according to a new UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll, even as his overall job approval marginally improved in the last two months.

Perhaps worse, Americans have grown very pessimistic under Biden, with a massive percentage of those polled having a negative view of what the future holds. Again according to the LA Times:

The poll captures an electorate deeply pessimistic about the future. Two-thirds of registered voters believe the country is on the wrong track, while just 26% think it is heading in the right direction. Republicans are nearly unanimously bleak, with 92% having a negative outlook on the nation’s trajectory. A substantial majority — 65% — of voters not affiliated with a political party agree, as do 51% of Democrats.

California is a far-left state. Far, far, far, far left might be more accurate. The fact that even many Californians don’t support Biden and Kamala is bad news for those two; if even leftists can’t stand them, then the rest of the country certainly isn’t likely to.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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