NYC Mayor Has an Odd Idea about What “Defund the Police” Means

What does “Defund the Police” mean? According to New York’s far-left mayor, it means that you don’t support Biden’s wish to spend billions on far-left priorities in the “Build Back Better” bill. Why? Who knows. But that’s his story.

It came when Mayor Adams appeared on ABC’s “The Week” and was asked by Anchor George Stephanopoulos about crime and policing.

Stephanopoulos, pressing him on the crime issue, asked, “Mayor Adams, you promised to focus on crime in your campaign. Major crimes have continued to rise on your watch. How do you explain it? What more can be done?

Rather than take responsibility and say that he’d deal with the problem and fix it to protect the citizens of his city, Mayor Adams decided to blame people for not wanting to let Biden spend trillions more at a time when inflation is sky-high and the government has already expanded the money supply tremendously.

In fact, Mayor Adams, in response to Stephanopoulos’ question about crime, said:

It’s a national problem. I say over and over again that many rivers feed the sea of violence. It’s a national issue. It’s not a red state, blue state. In fact, red states are experiencing a higher murder rate than blue states. Tulsa is three times the murder rate of Los Angeles. Mississippi, Kentucky, Louisiana — those are the highest murder rates in our entire country. I think the president has done an amazing job.”

“You heard the narrative beforehand about defunding the police. Let me tell you what the defunders of the police are, those who didn’t vote on the Build Back Better bill. Money was in that bill for police officers. We have 2,400 ATF agents in our country. Only 80 are in New York. We need to double that amount. We need to go after the ghost guns. Then we have to be preventive. Many of these generational social problems have become the pipeline to violence.

Sure, it does contain some funding for police officers. But police are mostly funded by states and localities, not the feds. New York has a crime problem because the police aren’t dealing with criminals as they should (thanks, leftists), not because Manchin and the GOP are against spending trillions more on far-left priorities.

But that wasn’t all Adams said. He also, when asked by Stephanopoulos “Do we need a better way to track individuals like this before they take this violent action?”, said that it’s the fault of social media companies that those who talk about violence aren’t stopped before committing horrific crimes. In his words:

“There’s a corporate responsibility when we are watching hate brew online. We can identify using artificial intelligence and other methods to identify those who are talking about violence.”

Once again, he’s blaming someone else rather than taking responsibility for what his policies and those of his leftist predecessor have wrought. The issue isn’t federal spending or social media, it’s that police aren’t locking up criminals like they should in New York. To stop crime, NYC needs to get criminals off the street, not pressure Twitter to turn in people for posting mean tweets.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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