Rep. Massie Rips Biden’s Gun Control Rule Change

Recently, President Joe Biden and his ATF lacckey announced new gun control rules, pertaining to so-called “ghost guns.” “Ghost guns”, despite sounding scary to liberals, are just guns made without serial numbers. The feds hate them because they can’t be traced and tracked, unlike traditional firearms. Other than that, they’re just guns.

Regardless, Team Biden decided to declare war on them in a recent conference, as the White House preemptively announced in a “fact sheet” regarding the rule change, saying:

Today, the President and Deputy Attorney General will also announce that the U.S. Department of Justice has issued a final rule to rein in the proliferation of “ghost guns” – unserialized, privately-made firearms that law enforcement are increasingly recovering at crime scenes in cities across the country. Last year alone, there were approximately 20,000 suspected ghost guns reported to ATF as having been recovered by law enforcement in criminal investigations – a ten-fold increase from 2016.[1] Because ghost guns lack the serial numbers marked on other firearms, law enforcement has an exceedingly difficult time tracing a ghost gun found at a crime scene back to an individual purchaser.

This final rule bans the business of manufacturing the most accessible ghost guns, such as unserialized “buy build shoot” kits that individuals can buy online or at a store without a background check and can readily assemble into a working firearm in as little as 30 minutes with equipment they have at home. This rule clarifies that these kits qualify as “firearms” under the Gun Control Act, and that commercial manufacturers of such kits must therefore become licensed and include serial numbers on the kits’ frame or receiver, and commercial sellers of these kits must become federally licensed and run background checks prior to a sale – just like they have to do with other commercially-made firearms.

In other words, if you’re into guns and wanted to try making one of those “80% receivers” that have grown in popularity in recent years as a fun DIY gun project, now you can’t do so as easily as before because Biden is scared some gangbanger let out of jail might make one.

Why that gang member can’t just be locked up if he’s such a danger and instead we all have to suffer a restriction on our rights wasn’t discussed by Team Biden.

Regardless, Rep. Thomas Massie tore into Biden’s rule change on Twitter, saying that Congress makes the laws, not the president:

The Constitution does not authorize the federal government to prevent you from making your own firearm. This a fact that has been recognized for 200+ years. Also, Article 1, Section 1 (literally the first operative sentence in the Constitution) says Congress makes law, not POTUS!

Indeed the Constitution does say that, though whether it really matters is up in the air. Congress has ceded so much authority to the presidency in the past few decades that, at this point, executive agencies like the ATF do basically create laws.

If Rep. Massie wants to stop that, the far better course would be to recover Congress’ legislative authority, not to moan about it on Twitter.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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