Rep. Salazar Calls Out Horrifying Influence on Biden’s Cuba Policy

Given that Cuba is one of the world’s few remaining communist countries and those Cubans who fled to America did so because of their revulsion at the Marxist evil that took hold of their tropical paradise, what sort of people probably should not be setting America’s Cuba policy? Marxists, perhaps?

That seems reasonable; it seems fair to expect that those who sympathize with an enemy regime that America stands against for ideological reasons should not be of the same ideology as the enemy regime. Unfortunately, it might no longer be the case thanks to the radical leftists Biden has filled his administration with.

Rep. Maria Salazar, a Florida Republican, said as much in a statement blasting Biden for his new approach to relations with the communist island, a policy change that she blamed on Marxists within Biden’s party and administration.

Speaking on that to Just the News, she first blasted the policy change as very naive, saying:

“[T]he Democratic administrations have this idea, or this illusion, that dealing with the Cubans and incorporating them or welcoming them into the international community and sitting them at the table is something that’s going to make the Cubans behave better with the Cuban people. And that is not going to happen, and that has not happened.”

Later in the interview, Salazar then explained how the Marxists in the Democratic Party have influenced policy and brought about that naive shift in policy, saying:

The problem is that the Democratic Party has been infiltrated by the neo-Marxists. And the Marxists are atheists and are anti-Semitic. And they are not American, they’re Marxist. And that’s my fear. And those are the people that, unfortunately, are surrounding President Biden.

She did then concede that Biden himself isn’t a Marxist, but argued that he’s influenced by the Marxists that have filled up the Democratic Party and his administration.

While much of what she brought up was disturbing and pointed to serious problems for America and its foreign policy, Salazar did, however, have a hopeful message for the GOP: now’s the time that they can successfully reach out to Latino voters. Speaking on that, she said:

“[This] is the moment to send that message to the browns and tell them: ‘Hey, guys, welcome into the tent! Welcome into the party! Welcome home! You guys, you may not speak the language, you may not sound or look or smell like me. But you know, you are American, and you want to contribute, and, you know, you browns, you are not Marxist, you are not socialist, you want to enjoy the Promised Land.’”

Salazar has a point. Biden has proven a disaster for everyone and his far-left antics are pushing Hispanic voters into the arms of the GOP. Now’s the time to take advantage of that and secure a new population of voters, not by changing what the GOP stands for to suit their preferences but merely by pointing out how crazy the Democrats are and that those voters would be far more at home in the GOP.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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