Ridiculous: Tucker Broke the Internet, so Now MSNBC Is Calling Him a Fascist

Recently, a trailer for Tucker Carlson’s epic new original documentary, “The End of Men” came out.  Full of messaging on health, strength, and vitality, the trailer cheered traditional masculinity, highlighted the dangers of physical weakness, and sounded the alarm bells on the dangers of microplastics and a decline in testosterone.

Further, in part of the trailer Tucker said:

One of the biggest stories of our lifetimes is the total collapse of testosterone levels in American men. Those levels are declining by roughly 10 percent per decade, completely changing the way people are at the most fundamental level. The NIH doesn’t seem interested in this at all (sarcastically) “It’s not a big deal.” We think it is a huge deal, so we wanna know what’s causing it and what we can do about it.

Watch the trailer here:


As could be expected from anything having to do with masculinity, it broke the internet, with the right cheering it while the left melted down over the idea that masculinity might be a good thing rather than a bad thing.

Well, MSNBC decided to kick things up a notch and move on from ranting about “toxic masculinity” to attacking the portrayal of masculinity as “fascist”. Yes, apparently it’s now fascist to think that declining testosterone levels might be a bad thing.

Specifically, MSNBC’s Joy Reid went on a long-winded rant about how terrible the trailer is and Tucker is for promoting masculinity.

Beginning the rant, she said:

“Fox News host Tucker Carlson sure has tarnished masculinity on his mind. Wonder what that’s about? Remember he once said on his fake log cabin daytime show that COVID feminizes people. Now, a new trailer is out to promote his feature series, “The End of Men.” Or shall we call it an ode to men, a certain kind of man?”

A masculine man, Joy. That’s the “type of man” that Tucker is worried is disappearing. The real men.

She then went on to attack ideas about increasing testosterone, saying:

This trip into Tuckum’s dreamscape is absurd. I mean, testicle tanning? Which supposedly raises testosterone in men, presumably not FDA approved, was absolutely a popular search term today. And we can make jokes about Tuckums because — come on — and laugh at him on Twitter, but the message here is far more nefarious.”

It was then, after hammering her point about a minor part of the documentary and dragging the FDA into a discussion about sunlight and masculinity, that she then cot to her main point, which is that masculinity is somehow fascist. Speaking on that, Joy said:

The formerly bow-tied ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant’s hyper-masculinity flex is some pretty blatant, fascist posturing. The decline of real men is code for conservative white men who need laser beams to make white babies. And if that all falls apart, that spooky old, great replacement theory is bound to succeed. What is scarier is what the rhetoric translates into, from book banning to abortion bans and laws that regulate procreation in women’s bodies. And what is now an obsession with the false notion scary liberal saboteurs are going to turn your kids, meaning your sons, trans. That fascist posturing has led to fascist tendencies on the American right that worship tough-guy — well, fake tough-guy Trump — who even as a ghostly presence can reign as a party boss.

Laser beams for white babies? What on Earth is she talking about?

She might think Tucker is kooky for thinking that masculinity is on the decline, but her labeling of him as a fascist is far more out of left field, as is whatever laser beam worries she has are.

Oh, and she obviously harbors hatred of white people, as can be discerned from her focus on attacking “white men” and “white babies” in that last paragraph of her rant. Tucker’s commercial didn’t mention race once. But Joy, of course, just had to turn it into a rant about how terrible whites are.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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