Trump’s Social Media Platform Just Dropped some Massive News, the Waitlist Might Finally Be at an End

While Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social, works quite well for those on it, the problem with the platform is that it has let not that many people on, trying to slowly dribble a stream of users into the platform to ensure that it works correctly for all those posting on it.

A good idea in theory, that’s been problematic for those that wanted to use the platform but have been stuck on a waiting list since the app was released on the app store, something that’s proven highly frustrating to many MAGA patriots that want to use the app but can’t.

Well, the Truth Social team might have finally found a way to blast through the impasse: they’re bringing the app to the cloud of Rumble, the free speech video platform, which should give the platform all the space it needs to bring all the waiting future users on and let them start posting. Reporting on that, Just the News said:

Truth Social has completed a migration to a massive cloud computing infrastructure run by the video giant Rumble, clearing the way for the social platform started by former President Donald Trump to onboard millions of users quickly, officials told Just the News.

The new cloud computing space made available by Rumble should give Truth the infrastructure it needs to end the current “beta testing” and start letting on all those that want to use it, erasing the backlog

Devin Nunes, head of Truth Social, spoke about the move in a statement and said:

“Yesterday, Truth Social and Rumble took a major stride toward rescuing the internet from the grip of the Big Tech tyrants.

“Our teams have worked tirelessly to realize this great endeavor,” Nunes added. “Rumble’s cloud infrastructure is second to none and will be the backbone for the restoration of free speech online for ages to come.

Rumble’s CEO, for his part, was also quite positive in a statement made after the Truth Migration onto Rumble’s infrastructure was announced, saying:

We are excited to partner with one of the fastest-growing social media companies on the internet. “Providing top-notch cloud infrastructure is essential, and Truth Social users will start to see the fruits of our efforts immediately.”

The announcement is excellent news for all those who use or want to use the app. While it functions flawlessly and engagement tends to be much higher on it than on sites with an anti-conservative bias, such as Twitter, there are so few people on it right now that it’s less interesting that other social media sites and less useful for those trying to use it to drive traffic to content they’ve created or make a point about a certain policy.

Now, however,  assuming most of those who signed up for Truth but haven’t been able to use it yet start using it once they’re let onto the platform, that could change and the app could become more useful, and thus more used, by political figures and news organizations.

It remains to be seen how the Rumble-Truth partnership will work in reality, but, for now, the move seems like a good one on the part of both companies.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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