WATCH: Abbott’s Buses of Illegals Arrive in DC

Texas Governor Abbot announced that he’d send illegal immigrants from Texas to DC as a protest against the Biden regime. Well, while many claimed he was bluffing and that it wouldn’t actually happen, they were just proven wrong: the first bus arrived in DC and offloaded the illegals it was carrying. Watch that here:

Now, it would obviously be better if they were just deported. But, because handling illegal immigration is a federal responsibility rather than a state one, Abbot has no authority under which he could deport the illegals.

So, doing something that Republicans have been joking about for a while now, Governor Abbott actually did it and shipped illegals from Texas to D.C. and his pledge was fulfilled. As a reminderm Governor Abbott said:

“With the Biden administration ending Title 42 expulsions in May, Texas will be taking its own unprecedented actions this month to do what no state in America has ever done in the history of this country to better secure our state, as well as our nation.

“To help local officials whose communities are being overwhelmed with hordes of illegal immigrants who are being dropped off by the Biden administration, Texas is providing charter buses to send these illegal immigrants who have been dropped off by the Biden administration to Washington, D.C.

“We are sending them to the United States capital where the Biden administration will be able to more immediately address the needs of the people that they are allowing to come across our border.

So, now he’s actually taken action on that and the buses are offloading the illegals. Announcing that in a Wednesday morning statement, Governor Abbott said:

Texans demand and deserve an aggressive, comprehensive strategy to secure our border—not President Biden’s lackluster leadership.

As the federal government continues to roll back commonsense policies that once kept our communities safe, our local law enforcement has stepped up to protect Texans from dangerous criminals, deadly drugs, and illegal contraband flooding into the Lone Star State.

Texas will always be a law-and-order state, and I thank our law enforcement officers who have answered the call to protect and serve their fellow Texans in the federal government’s absence in securing our border.

Indeed. And that fight over bearing the burden is a big one; many contend that in opening up the border to illegals, Biden has placed a crushing burden on the backs of those border states that have to deal with the issue and handle the illegals. Now, by shipping them to D.C., Abbot is shoving that responsibility back toward the feds.

However, Governor Abbott is also doing what he can to handle the problem, as was announced along with his statement on the buses. According to the statement, the actions he’s taken so far include:

  • Signing laws that provide $3 billion in funding for Texas’ border security efforts
  • Launching Operation Lone Star and deploying thousands of National Guard soldiers and Texas Department of Public Safety troopers
  • Arresting and jailing illegal migrants trespassing or committing other state crimes in Texas
  • Allocated resources that include recently acquired 1,700 steel panels to building the border wall in Texas
  • Signing a law to make it easier to prosecute smugglers bringing people into Texas
  • Signing 15 laws cracking down on human trafficking in Texas
  • Signing a law enhancing penalties for the manufacturing and distribution of fentanyl
  • Issuing a disaster declaration for the border crisis
  • Issuing an executive order preventing non-governmental entities from transporting illegal immigrants
  • Taking legal action to enforce the Remain in Mexico in Texas
  • Taking aggressive action to secure the border as President Biden ends Title 42 expulsions, including enhancing vehicle inspections, busing unlawful migrants to Washington, D.C., and creating boat blockades along the Rio Grande River

Where things go from here is unclear. We’ll see if the buses keep shipping illegals to DC and, if so, if the stunt forces Biden to act and deal with the issue.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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