Watch: Colbert Gives Ridiculous Reason for Calling for Violence against Peter Doocy

Colbert went on the offensive against Peter Doocy, after Doocy, during a White House press conference, asked what President Biden’s “in kind” remarks met in regard to the Russian use of chemical weapons.

Apparently, asking whether the president actually meant that he’d use WMDs against a nuclear power was a bridge too far because Colbert went crazy, calling for violence against Doocy. Here’s the transcript (provided by Breitbart):

COLBERT: Yesterday, President Biden held a press conference, and he was asked a ridiculous question by a ridiculous man: Fox News reporter and that one kid in high school who wears a suit to gym class, Peter Doocy. Jimmy, drop the deuce.

PETER DOOCY: When you said a chemical weapon used by Russia would trigger a response in kind?

BIDEN: It will trigger a significant response.

DOOCY: What does that mean?

BIDEN: I’m not going to tell you. Why would I tell you? You have got to be silly. (Laughter ) ( Applause )

COLBERT: Remember– ( applause ) Yes. Remember how on last night’s show I said that slapping is never, ever the answer? I’d like to file a one-time exception on behalf of the president of the United States. (Applause)

Watch that ridiculous segment here:

So, based on that, it looks like the “party of tolerance” just said that violence against political opponents is okay so long as they ask questions that the president has a hard time answering or doesn’t want to answer. Can we all take turns slapping Jim Acosta now?

Obviously not, as such a mindset is unhealthy and such calls for violence are detestable. The DC Enquirer, noting the problem with such a mindset as Colbert’s, said:

These remarks are completely uncalled for. Late night talk shows used to be about bringing Americans together to laugh at each other. Unfortunately, we have lost the old TV show menu. Show after show attacks Americans for holding fast to American values. And Colbert considers himself a devout Catholic! These people are tearing our country apart and we have to fight it to make sure our country has a place at the table heading into the next decade. We want to see a healthy America, both for us and our children.

Perhaps the worst part of the video is that, when Colbert called for violence against FNC’s White House correspondent for asking a tough to answer question, the crowd didn’t recoil in horror at the idea of political violence over such a trite issue.

No, Colbert’s crowd acted like a gang of trained, bloodthirsty seals, wildly clapping along on cue, throwing their support behind Colbert’s call to political violence.

Such ideas used to be thought reprehensible. In fact, it was the left that used to constantly clutch its pearls over the very thought of the right engaging in political violence. But now those leftists are calling for and applauding calls for it on the TV screen. Yikes.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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