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My name is Kerri Madzey and I’m the Content Support Manager here at Making Web, LLC.  (Also known as Trending Politics, I Love My Freedom and this site that you are currently subscribed to).  We are a conservative company who does News Curation to get the truth out to all patriots.   I am currently hiring for more writers as we are expanding our many websites.  And I thought to myself, why not reach out to our subscribers who are already reading our articles and give them the opportunity first.

Though we are known for our political articles on our Trending Politics site, we also have other sites with different platforms.  I will list them below:

https://patriotfetch.com/ – General Conservative political news.. This is our sister site for Trending Politics, our back-up, if you will. Facebook is famous for canceling or putting a time out on conservative websites so when that happens, Patriot Fetch will be there to carry on the Red Wave.

https://myfaithnews.com/ – Faith content, POSITIVE stories or pieces ONLY. Non-denominational Christian. I cannot stress enough about this being a positive website.  We have enough doom and gloom in the world and our other sites that we need this to uplift people.  Encourage them, give them hope.

https://thelibertyleader.com/ – Faith (non-positive) and Constitutional news, more evergreen content and some political news. Western philosophy and foundational principles, but we’re not winning any Pulitzers here so don’t torture yourself over these pieces.  For example, if you wanted to write about our founding fathers and what their goal was when writing the constitution, that would be a great piece to place here.

https://fortheloveofnews.com/ – General news stories, not always political but still Conservative. Crime, popular culture, movies, etc.  This is where I would like more interesting articles, something different from the mainstream media (though those articles can go here too). I would love to see epic fail articles, like a robbery gone wrong because it was attempted by Dumb and Dumber. Stuff that will grab the attention of our readers and make them want to read more.

https://mypatriotpost.com/ – More “conspiracy”-ish and spicy content. Election fraud, COVID gripes, Leftist/Communist takeover. Things that would get us nuked from social media goes here.

https://suvival101.org – Non-political Survival/Disaster prep and how-to (10 knots you NEED to know) and evergreen content in the Survival niche.  What to do if you encounter a bear (besides praying for a miracle), what foods have a long shelf life, that sort of thing.

https://recipeforfreedom.com/ – Americana (baseball and apple pie) news or evergreen content with recipes sprinkled in. Family-friendly, pro-America, patriotic, and uplifting.

This is a legit work from home job opportunity so you would need your own laptop/computer.  We pay our writers per article at the first of every month.  The pay can range from $8-$25 per article, depending on experience.  I’m looking for someone who has WordPress experience, but it’s not a deal breaker if you don’t.  I also need at least 500 words per article minimum and no more than 1,000.  Our readers tend to drop off if the article is too long.
This opportunity can be for ANYONE who loves to write.  It’s great as a side job, for retirees, or if you are hungry enough, it can be a full time job.  From politics to recipes and everything in between, we have a spot for you.
If you are interested, or know of someone who would be interested, please reply with the following information:
1.  Your Name
2.  Where are you located?
3.  Why do you want to write for us?
4.  Have you ever been published before?  If so, where?
5.  What kind of pay are you looking to receive?
6.  Which of our sites interest you the most that you would prefer to write for?
7. How many articles could you write for us per day?
If you have a writing sample, I would love to take a look at it so I can get a feel of your style.  You can reply to me at my email:  [email protected].
I look forward to hearing from you soon!

This story syndicated with permission from Liberty Leader

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