“We’re Being Invaded”: GOP Rep. Refuses to Fund a Government that Won’t Defend the Border [WATCH]

What is the primary duty of a government? To defend its citizens, both from criminals at home and predators from abroad. That’s the whole reason we accept paying taxes, put up with the mandates and idiosyncrasies of the government and its bureaucrats, and generally live and let live when it comes to the government doing things predictably badly.

Unfortunately, Team Biden isn’t so keen on living up to that responsibility and defending the nation’s borders, particularly its southern border. Rather, it seems intent on bowing to the radical left on that issue and just letting migrants wander across at will.

Well, many aren’t content with that and are starting to fight back, aiming to press Team Biden by hitting the administration where it hurts: in the wallet.

Namely, Rep. Chip Roy is working on building a coalition that will refuse to pass a budget and fund the government until Biden reverses course and starts defending the border. He announced as much when speaking to Dana Loesch and later tweeted that out, saying:

“We’re being INVADED, and we should treat it as such.”

Rep. Roy lays out a 3-pronged plan to secure our southern border:

1) Pass his Title 42 discharge petition
2) Stop funding a govt refusing to do its job
3) Texas MUST stand up and DEFEND ITSELF

As you can hear, he describes his plan in the video by saying[On] September 30, the government funding runs out. Well, we’ve got now five and a half months and we should fight and say, ‘Do not fund a government that refuses to secure the border.’”

Adding to that a bit later, he said: “Stop funding a government that is not doing its job and that is taking away your [liberty]. You’re funding the government that’s targeting DOJ, targeting parents who go to a school board and complain, and you’re funding a DHS that refuses to secure the border.”

And that might be possible to effect, even before the widely expected 2022 red wave. Though Rep. Roy admits that the Speaker of the House, now Nancy Pelosi, is the one who sets the House’s agenda, he has a way around that: getting a few Democrats to sign onto his petition. Speaking about that, he said:

Two hundred eighteen signatures on a discharge petition to move a bill means we can move a bill on the floor. So we need six, seven, [or] eight Democrats to join us to get up to 218 signatures. And so the media should ask every Democrat: ‘Why won’t you sign this discharge petition?’”

While that might be difficult, it’s hardly the craziest plan out there: many Democrats, particularly those from purple districts, are upset with Biden’s bizarre border policies and are disconcerted about the huge number of illegals that has been flowing across the southern border.

So, assuming he can get all of the GOP on board with his plan to force Biden’s hand, perhaps finding a few Democrats to sign the petition would be possible.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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