Electoral Fraud Claims Shot Down by Judge

A Georgia judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by former U.S. Senator David Perdue that alleged false or counterfeit ballots were included in the state’s most populous county during the 2020 political election.

Perdue filed the lawsuit, alongside an individual elector, in December a couple of days after he reported that he’d be testing Gov. Brian Kemp in the Republican primary. In addition to other things, the suit looked for access to observe absentee ballots, saying that would allow the applicants to demonstrate that there was in fact fraud ballots in Fulton County.

Investigators with the secretary of the state’s office tracked down no proof to support the fraud claims, however that hasn’t halted former President Donald Trump, Perdue and others from proceeding to spread them.

The suit was like another filed by a team of voters that was also excused or dismissed back in October because a judge found the team hadn’t alleged a “particularized injury” and thus didn’t have any standing to sue, (seems to be a pattern going on here) but the outcome is still being appealed.

Perdue and elector Elizabeth Grace Lennon contended that their state constitutional rights to equal protection and due processes have been violated. Perdue says his particular injury was that he was a possible candidate up for reelection in November, however he wasn’t able to achieve a majority, causing him to runoff with Democrat Jon Ossoff that Perdue lost. Lennon said she tried to project an in person early vote in October 2020, but was informed somebody had already presented a mail ballot in her own name.

An order dated Wednesday dismissing the claim, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney concluded that it “is not really about Perdue’s loss or Lennon’s personal voting experience.” It’s main claims, he said, are that many batches of ballots of absentees were counted numerous times and that thousands of unlawful fake non-attendant voting forms were included and certified in Fulton County.

Those are claims that were more than once pushed in the result of the 2020 political race by individuals who allege that widespread fraud made the presidential election to be taken from Trump. Perdue, who is following Kemp in polls as the May 24 Republican primary grows near, has made cases of a “rigged and stolen” election a focal part of his mission and often takes the time to talk about the lawsuit while campaigning.

The claim additionally asks the judge to give a series of orders that would enable the petitioners’ specialists to “intrude upon the sealed ballot materials of tens of thousands of Fulton County voters, hunt for speculative voter fraud or error, and then determine for themselves what the ‘actual’ vote count should have been in the Election,” McBurney wrote.

“This quixotic journey will not take place,” he noted.

Perdue brutally scrutinized the decision saying that it was “another example of how the establishment continues to cover up what happened in 2020, and we will vigorously appeal the decision.”

The suit “excoriates” district officials for ““having ‘negligently, willfully, wantonly, outwardly, maliciously or corruptly and unapologetically acted with malfeasance’ thereby causing electors in Fulton County to experience ‘disenfranchisement, dilution, debasement, and corruption of their vote in the General Election,” however it doesn’t look for a solution for the infringement of the petitioners’ rights, McBurney wrote.

The suit seeks a declaration that the court can’t give or provide and without it, the petitioners’ needs “are left supported only by sour grapes which make a wine this Court will not serve,” McBurney wrote.

This story syndicated with permission from Omar, Author at Trending Politics

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