Epic: MAGA Candidate JD Vance Thrashes “Slimeball” RINO

JD Vance is the MAGA candidate that just blasted the RINOs and Conservative, Inc. candidates apart in the Ohio primary, winning thanks largely to his MAGA stance and a critical endorsement from Trump that propelled him into the lead.

Appearing on Tucker the other night, Vance took a wrecking ball to RINOs, particularly “slimeball” RINO Karl Rove, a remnant of the Bush and Cheney days that desperately clutching at straws, hoping to stay relevant despite times having changed quite a bit.

Tucker, introducing the topic and bringing up the fact that RINOs had tried to paint Vance as a fraud by pretending that his views on Trump and MAGA couldn’t change, said:

What’s so interesting is that the rap against you was that you were a fraud. ‘J.D. Vance was skeptical of Trump, now he’s all-in on Trump’s agenda.’ But if you were a fraud, they would’ve sent you money. My impression was they hated you because they suspected you were sincere.

Indeed. The RINOs hate all that are sincere because those people win and then fight for their constituents, something that looks bad and limits the ability of the RINOs to engage in grift.

When winners like Vance and Trump are in charge, losers like Romney and Karl Rove look all the worse, so, naturally, they hate that.

Vance also agreed with Tucker, saying “I think that’s exactly right, Tucker.

He then turned his sights squarely on Karl Rove, blasting the slimeball and saying:

If you think of some of my biggest enemies in this primary – you know the slimeball Karl Rove, who shipped a lot of American jobs overseas and got rich in the process, and also sent a lot of Americans to die in stupid conflicts.

You know, Karl Rove spent a lot of money, he wrote a lot of op-eds criticizing my candidacy, even called my donors after Trump endorsed me, encouraging them to drop my campaign.

So, in a lot of ways the what this revealed is that you have some very corrupt political consultants in the Republican Party who despise their own voters.

Tucker agreed with Vance on that point, said “Yeah. Honesty is the essence I think of what people want.

It is. They want authentic MAGA candidates, not RINO losers like Karl Rove who ship the good jobs the middle class used to hold to China or Vietnam and crash the economy out of greed while sending the sons of the working and middle class to die in some pointless conflict abroad.

Trump fought to reshore jobs and wind down endless wars. Vance seems willing to do the same. That’s what the people want, not some ridiculous nonsense spewed by a longtime loser and corrupt hack like Karl Rove.

Fortunately, there are now candidates like Vance willing to do that and a few brave media personalities like Tucker that are willing to boost them as they fight to do so.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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