Horrific: 14-Year-Old Indicted in Shocking Long Island Rape Case, Young Mother Brutalized in Her Home!

Things are getting worse and worse in blue states and cities across America, where far-left governors and bureaucrats are giving a free rein to criminals and refusing to do what’s necessary to protect their law-abiding citizens from the predations of thugs.

In New York City, things have gotten so bad that now even youngsters are participating fully in the rampant criminal scene and being fingered in crimes that shock the conscience, such as the case of a fourteen-year-old thug that was just indicted in a shocking rape case.

According to a report in the New York Post about the rape and robbery, a young mother was assaulted and raped inside her home after two thugs, thugs that had been seen scoping the house and trolling along the residential street earlier in the day, broke into her house.

Unlike in Texas, where everyone is armed and a young mother managed to shoot her attacker before he could do any harm, in New York guns are hard to come by, at least for law-abiding citizens, and the young woman wasn’t able to defend herself.

So, when they broke into her Long Island home at 4 pm, not even nighttime, they were able to rob her house, sexually assault her, slash her with a switchblade, and then flee with an unspecified amount of cash and property.

PIX 11, adding more details to the already horrific story, says that:

A 14-year-old boy allegedly raped a woman in front of her child, choked the woman and then stabbed the mom when she tried to protect her child, Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond Tierney said Tuesday.

The teen and an accomplice, who has not yet been arrested, allegedly broke into a Mastic Beach home on April 19, prosecutors said. They kicked a locked bedroom door and found a 23-year-old mom and her 4-year-old daughter inside.

Later, the police caught one of the thugs, a fourteen year old. He was the one that did the raping and then slashed the mom with a switchblade when she tried to defend her daughter from the predations of the home-invading criminals.

He left the 23-year-old mom so brutalized and injured that, though her injuries weren’t life-threatening, she had to be sent to the hospital where, according to law enforcement, she had to receive stitches and staples to her head, face, and chest.

The teenaged thug, again according to law enforcement and the New York Post, both confessed and his DNA matched DNA found at the scene of the brutal assault.

He has, however, “pleaded not guilty to rape, criminal sexual act, assault, burglary, sexual abuse, strangulation and endangering the welfare of a child“. Though he’s being held without bail and the crime was shocking, the police are treating and charging him as a minor, so his name has so far not been released.

Speaking about the shocking, horrifying crime in a statement, District Attorney Raymond Tierney said:

Aside from the extreme violence of the criminal activity, what makes this case so shocking is the age of the defendant who is accused of committing such callous and violent crimes.

“It is becoming increasingly common to hear of violent cases like this involving minors as the perpetrators of such vicious acts.

While the one thug was caught, his accomplice is still at large, free to continue wreaking havoc on other New Yorkers until the police finally catch him. Hopefully he won’t be released without bail and turned back out on the streets after they do so.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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