LOL: There’s a RINO Civil War on Twitter and McCain’s Legacy Just Got Wrecked

What’s fun? Watching RINOs get absolutely wrecked is fun, given how stuck up and difficult to deal with they are, not to mention that they tend to stab real conservatives in the back at any available opportunity.

But, as we learned when Trump went after the RINOs day after day, some people on the right get uncomfortable when real conservatives punch down at RINOs, seeing it as unnecessary, mean, or both.

That was especially true when it came to McCain, who Trump attacked with a vengeance. Though everyone knew he was a RINO, some got uncomfortable watching him wallop McCain time and time again, particularly when it came to attacking McCain’s military legacy.

So, with that in mind, what’s better than watching real conservatives bash RINOs to bits? Watching them beat up on each other and spend time stabbing other RINOs in the back rather than attempting to do so to real conservatives, as is usual.

Such was the case on Twitter recently, when Megan McCain and Steve Schmidt decided to do their best attempt to create a two-person circular firing squad, blasting away at each other in a meltdown that was oh so fun to watch.

Megan started it, attacking Schmidt for the Lincoln Project’s…indiscretions (pederasty), sayingEvery day you somehow find a way to make yourself an even bigger piece of shit than the day before, Which is actually incredible considering you spent the Trump presidency running a pedo racket

A good opening jab, if a bit predictable and vulgar. So how did Schmidt, friend of pedo Rick Weaver, respond? He fired off a long Twitter thread, as is the wont of such people. Here’s that (be warned, it’s a doozy. We bolded the bigger jabs to make it easier on you):

.@MeghanMcCain has been trying to have a conversation with me for almost 14 years. Once again, today, she called me a Pedophile. It is a slander. It is disgusting. It is untrue and it says everything about her. Here she is liking the tweet of a far right liar and piece of filth

2/ After 14 years of abuse and attacks, today is the day I have decided to respond. I am happy to keep the story going after this thread, it only gets better.

3/ I was the first adult that @MeghanMcCain ever encountered that she heard the word NO from. I told her she was unimportant and that the Presidential election wasn’t about her. I left her on the tarmac when she didn’t make the plane because as I explained to her, the 5000 people

4/ who were waiting to see her father speak and took the time to do it deserved to have him show up on time. That was the way John McCain saw it. He was appalled by @MeghanMcCain conduct on the campaign. Appalled and embarrassed. The tantrums were beyond anything I have

5/ever witnessed from any other human being. They were epic meltdowns that would test the range of Meryl Streep, Kate Winslett, Jodi Foster and Anne Hathaway on their best days. Raging, screaming, crying, at the staff, at the makeup people at Secret Service. Without any doubt

6/ it was the most rotten, entitled, spoiled, cruel, mean and bullying behavior I have ever witnessed. It was my job to confront it and I did. I talked to 24 year old @MeghanMcCain the way an adult should have talked to the Trump kids. I talked to her the way a retired USMC

7/ 4 Star General failed to do in the WH with Ivanka, Jared and Jr. They are all the same people. I told her that she was unimportant and that everything around her had nothing to do with her. I told her she was privileged and lucky and should be grateful. She told me and

8/ anyone else who would listen in response, “Do you know who the Fuck my Dad is” It was the miserable anthem of the total chaos that was the McCain Campaign. It never stopped until one day when I said ENOUGH!

9/ @MeghanMcCain is a bully, entitled, unaccomplished, spoiled and mean. She has rejected her Family’s history of service for a shallow and purposeless celebrity where she trades on a famous name like a fourth generation wannabe clipping coupons while pretending to be an heir

10/ I was a volunteer for John McCain. He called me when that campaign went belly up. Everyone quit and he called and asked for my help and I never asked him for a dime. I never took a dime. I left my three year old for a year and did everything I could for John McCain.

11/ He was the only person I ever worked for who put in a position where I became involved in a public lie. When that campaign ended, I made a vow that that would never happen again and it hasn’t.

A harsh blow, both at McCain and his daughter.

Of course, the whole thing exposes them both as being the typical sort of RINOs: difficult to deal with, willing to sell out past allies for a bit of temporary gain in the present, utterly self-righteous, and certainly self-important.

For example, why did Schmidt need to insert the bit about the Trump kids? It was totally gratuitous, unrelated to his main point, and probably even got in the way of his Meghan takedown. But he did it anyway because he’s a RINO and that’s what they do.

But hey, if RINOs want to massacre each other, why complain? It sure is fun to watch!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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