Republicans Rip Mayorkas in Heated Hearings about Border Disaster, Ministry of Truth

Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Mayorkas, has been about as much of a disaster as the Biden Administration generally.

Under his watch, the already problematic border has turned into a full-scale disaster, with millions of migrants rushing across and being welcomed with open arms rather than forced away to protect the homeland.

So, Republican Senators tore the Secretary apart during a recent hearing regarding 2023 funding for the Department of Homeland Security, blasting him for that border disaster and ripping into him over the new “Disinformation Governance Board”, created under the aegis of the Department of Homeland Security.

Sen. John Hoeven, for example, demanded that Mayorkas enforce the laws currently on the books rather than demand that new ones be created, saying that he needs to start defending the border and enforcing the law, particularly as it comes to immigrants. Speaking on that, Sen. Hoeven said:

Why not enforce the laws that you have now instead of sit there and ask for new ones? The six-point plan that you put forward is simply a plan to have more people come through faster and the process them quicker — it was not a plan to deter people from coming across illegally.”

Hoeven followed that up with another question on the border and massive mob rolling across it, saying:

“Are you the least bit concerned that people are coming in here illegally from 100 different countries? You don’t think that’s the problem? You don’t think that creates drug issues, human trafficking, risks of terrorists? Is that what you’re telling us

Senator Rick Scott of Florida doubled down on the “not enforcing the law” bit, blasting Mayorkas and saying:

People around my state, they don’t believe at all the border is under control. I don’t believe you’re doing anything to make the border secure … I don’t think there’s any question you’re not enforcing the law.

Similarly, Senator Hyde-Smith also tore into Mayorkas on the border issue, complimenting Border Patrol for its efforts but then later blasting Mayorkas himself for being unable or unwilling to articulate the problem that the disaster at the border is, saying:

It’s remarkable to me that the Secretary of Homeland Security can’t, or won’t, articulate the point at which the alarming and growing influx of illegal immigrants at the border represents a threat to homeland security. That inability is at the core of the border crisis we’re experiencing today, and it’s only going to get worse.”

And that was just the border issue. Other GOP senators blasted him for the new “Disinformation Governance Board,” particularly the far-left apparatchik chosen to run it. Senator Kennedy, for example, asked:

“When the department picked her, did they know that she said that Mr. Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian disinformation?

Adding to that, Senator Kennedy also asked “When the department picked Ms. Jankowicz did it know that she had vouched for the veracity of the Steele dossier?

As could be expected, Mayorkas had no real answers, generally demurring rather than defending the administration’s policies or personnel decisions.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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