Sickening: Psaki DEFENDS Demented Policy Putting Illegal Immigrants Before American Babies

It was White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s last day at work, so how did she spend it? By defending the sickening White House policy of putting illegal immigrant babies in front of American, children, of course!

That came when one reporter, bringing up recent reports that Team Biden has been shipping baby formula to illegal immigrants at a time when America families can’t find baby formula anywhere, asked:

Okay.  Congresswoman Elise Stefanik — and she tweeted something I will read to you — but several other Republican politicians have also gone along this line.  She says, “Joe Biden continues to put America last by shipping pallets of baby formula to the southern border as American families face empty shelves.”  She says, “This is unacceptable.”  Do you have a response to that?

Here’s that tweet, for reference:

Joe Biden continues to put America LAST by shipping pallets of baby formula to the southern border as American families face empty shelves.

This is unacceptable.

American mothers and their babies shouldn’t suffer because of the #BidenBorderCrisis.

Jen, rather than saying that Team Biden was working on finding ways to put Americans ahead of those invading their country and crossing the border illegally, instead defending the horribly policy, saying:

Well, we do like facts here, so let me just give you a little sense of the facts on this one. There’s something called the Flores statemen- — Settlement, which she may or may not be aware of, that’s been in place since 1997. It requires adequate food and elsewhere, specifies age appropriateness, hence formula for kids under the age of one.

CBP is following the law — that law that has been in place and been followed, by the way, by the past — every administration since 1997.

So this has been a law in the United States for a quarter century. It’s been followed by every administration. And on — but I would also note that we also think it’s morally the right thing to do. You know, and this is a difference from the last administration. It is the law, but we believe that when children and babies — or babies, I should say, are crossing the border with a family member, that providing them formula — formula is morally right. And so we certainly support the implementation of it.

So in Biden’s America, it’s “morally right” for American children to go hungry so that illegal immigrants, the children of those very groups invading our nation and bringing with them crime, drugs, and mayhem, can eat well.

She’s right in saying that this administration is very different from the last one.

In Trump’s America, it was America First; whatever the situation, Trump fought to put America’s interests above all others. Not so now.

Now it’s Americans last, with parents supposed to watch their kids whither away as formula remains scarce so that pallets of the precious sustenance can be shipped to feed those invaders that have shown contempt for our laws, sovreignty, and culture. Thanks, Democrats!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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