WATCH: Unrepentant Chet Hanks Refused to Apologize to “Marginalized Communities” for “White Boy Summer” Comment

Have you heard people, probably anonymous accounts on Twitter with Pepe the Frog as an avatar, joking about “white boy summer”?

If so, that hilarious, very non-politically correct term comes from Chet Hanks, the shockingly non-politically correct son of woke actor Tom Hanks, who declared 2021 to be “white boy summer” in a hilarious video.

Watch that video here:

Needless to say, the left really, really didn’t like the idea of “white boy summer”. Remember, these are the people who freak out when people say “it’s okay to be white,” so obviously they didn’t like hearing what Chet Hanks had to say.

And then he further infuriated the left by using a Jamaican/Trinidadian accent, which the usual harpies declared to be an instance of “cultural appropriation,” whatever that means.

So, the lefties tried to shame him into apologizing for the accent and for the white boy summer video, getting him to sit down for a video interview and then asking him if he wanted to apologize to any “marginalized communities”.

Shockingly, Hanks didn’t fall for the pressure tactic and back down. Rather, he told social justice warriors to shove it, saying “Yeah, yeah…. yeah!… No, I 100% agree. Social justice warriors can kick rocks.

Beautiful! Brilliantly unrepentant, the perfect way to stand up to the crazies in the woke mob.

This isn’t the first time that Chet has proven himself to be utterly unrepentant when standing up to the wokies. Back when he first infuriated them by using the Jamaican accent, they asked him to apologize for “cultural appropriation” and he refused to do so and attacked the idea that white people have no culture, saying:

That to me is confusing because just look at all the different varieties of European cultures. Second of all, let’s assume that’s true, let’s assume white people have no culture, but if they did have a culture, what would that be like?

he then described snowboarding as an example of white culture and used it to attack cultural appropriation, saying:

People are saying snowboarding is a terrible example because you can’t compare a sport to people’s hair.

If you’re focusing on what I said about snowboarding as a sport, you’re missing the point. I didn’t mean it as a sport, I meant it as a reference for a community that surrounds it. The community that surrounds snowboarding is mainly white.

“I imagine it to be something like, one example, snowboarding — like the culture surrounding snowboarding — or motocross where it’s just, like, mostly white people. Not saying that it has to be that way or it should be that way, but that’s just, for the most part, what it is.”

He then turned from snowboarding to cowboy hats, saying:

If a Black person puts on a cowboy hat and gets into country music, there’s nothing wrong with that. Why would anybody have a problem with that?

“If you don’t have a problem with a Black person wearing cowboy hats and cowboys boots and loving country music, then why do you have a problem with white people wearing braids and gold teeth and getting into hip-hop music? It’s this whole idea of theft, of they steal it from us.”

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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