WOW: Doocy Decimates Psaki’s Replacement in another Brilliant Exchange

FNC’s Peter Doocy might no longer have Jen Psaki to use as a verbal punching bag during press briefings, but he does have her replacement, Karine Jean-Pierre, who’s somehow even worse than Psaki was.

After humiliating Jean-Pierre on day 1 of her job by asking a basic question about President Biden’s messaging on Twitter, Doocy dunked on her again, this time over the disinformation board.

Beginning, he pointed out that the messaging shifted almost on a dime in a not particularly reconcilable way, saying:

Thank you, Karine.  A follow-up to the disinformation board.  Last week, you guys said that you needed this Disinformation Governance Board at DHS to make sure that freedom of speech is protected across the country and that these platforms are not used for forms of disinformation.  So what changed?

She, predictably, had no good answer, so instead gave a stutter and correction-filled, vapid response that made little sense, saying:

Look, the Department of — of Homeland Security, they began their statement report- — repeating that the board had been intentionally mischaracterized, which is a little bit of what you were asking me, and they were explicit about what it does and doesn’t — it does not do.

It was never about censorship, poli- — policing speech, or removing content from anywhere.  Its function was to keep Homeland Security officials aware of how bad actors — including human smugglers, transnational criminal organization, and foreign adversaries — could use disinformation to advance their goals.

As Secretary Mayorkas said, he has asked former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff and former DO- — DAG Jamie Gorelick to lead a thorough review — this is the pause that I was talking about — and assessment as members of the bipartisan Homeland Security Council — Advisory Council.

The board will not convene during that period.  But the department’s work across several administrations to address disinformation that threatens the security for our country is critical and will continue.  So that work is going to continue.

Then Doocy dropped his hammer on her and Team Biden generally, saying:

So if it’s pausing because you think the board was mischaracterized, then the disinformation board is being shut down because of disinformation?  Is that what’s happening here?

Now that’s a hilarious question, one that Team Biden has obvious reasons for not wanting to have to answer.

But attempt to answer it Jean-Pierre had to, so she did a not particularly good attempt of going with the Jen Psaki “word salad without a real point or answer” response:

Look, I mean, the — the board was put forth for a purpose — right? — to make sure that we really did — really did address what was happening across the country when it came to disinformation.

Doocy is gonna wipe the floor with this woman every day, with every question. And it sure is fun to watch the humiliation of Team Biden and its apparatchiks continue! Maybe she’ll eventually learn how to deal with Doocy but, if the last few days are any guide, that’s a long ways off.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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