“A Deadly Combination of Extremism and Incompetence”: Is This the Best Depiction of Brandon’s Presidency Yet?

Fox News Channel host Steve Hilton went off on Team Biden and its disastrous presidency during a recent episode of his show, ripping into the Biden presidency and all of its many disasters, giving concrete examples while also mixing in some great jokes.

Beginning, he started by bashing Biden for how poorly the fuel situation has gone with Biden and his fellow crazies in charge, noting that their climate change theories have meant a disaster for Americans who have to fill up their cars, saying:

“But today’s Democrats just can’t let go of their theories. For example, even as they desperately beg the oil companies to produce more fossil fuels today to try and stave off a midterm wipeout, they’re still threatening to shut them down tomorrow in the name of their great transition.”

Moving on, Hilton then brought up the Easter bunny incident, which was probably even more embarrassing for Biden than the recent falling off of his bike incident, saying:

And the man who told us he’d be a competent moderate is too useless to stand up for any of it, totally lost, pushed around by everyone, including the Easter bunny.

It was then that he got to what was probably his best point, which is that it’s not just that Biden is incompetent or that it’s radical. Rather, it’s both, so everything it does is crazy and terribly implemented. Making that point, Hilton said:

This Biden regime is a deadly combination of extremism and incompetence.

They caused the inflation crisis, tell us it’s only transitory, and then tell the Fed to focus on woke virtue-signaling.

“From their surrender fiasco in Afghanistan that killed 13 of our service members, left thousands stranded behind enemy lines, and millions suffering famine now, to their baby formula fiasco here that has left millions of parents desperate about feeding their babies after months of the White House — in their words — working diligently to solve that problem they caused, it is nonstop self-created catastrophe to which their answer is: Bring back Anita Dunn, the spin doctor facing ethics questions, whose big idea is to have Biden do loads of public events to show he is a ‘highly engaged and ubiquitous problem solver.‘”

Indeed, though he forgot that Hunter is busy collecting checks from China or smoking crack as his dad does all these insane things.

And Hilton’s point about how terrible things have gotten under the crowd of crazies in the Biden Administration is that leftist rule is managed via the “expert idiots” Hilton slammed in another recent statement in which he blasted the technocracy, saying:

“That’s the number one rule of government by ‘expert idiot.’ No one is ever held accountable, however much they screw up. 

[…]“Of course, it is all laughable now how wrong the experts were, how wrong the vast majority of the establishment media were to trust the experts. But it keeps happening.

“The establishment never learns. So we cannot just subcontract vital decisions about our lives to the experts. Wherever you look, the pandemic, crime, the military, the economy, what the experts have done to this country is an absolute travesty.

So America is “led” by a senile moron and a team of expert idiots, with everyone involved being radically to the left and totally incompetent. No wonder America is a disaster zone.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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