Americans are Furious: Biden Gets Bad News, LOWEST EVER Poll Rating

A new Civiqs poll was just released and it holds some very bad news for Brandon: he just got his lowest approval rating ever, with Civiqs finding that only 33% of Americans approve of him and the job he’s doing.

Breitbart, noting that the results of the Civiqs poll match up with the approval rating found by a recent Quinnipiac poll, reports that:

The Civiqs poll ties Biden’s lowest-ever approval rating from Quinnipiac polling on June 8. Quinnipiac has marked Biden’s approval rating at 33 percent in June, April, and January.

That’s particularly bad news for Biden, as it means that the result likely isn’t a fluke, but is rather what Americans actually think about him and the job his administration is doing: they approve of him in record-low numbers.

Yet worse, perhaps, is the demographic breakdown of the poll. According to it, it’s younger Americans that approve of him at the lowest level, with only 25% of the 18-24 demographic, normally Democratic stalwarts, approving of him.

In addition, the bill found that only 21% approve of Biden, yet more bad news as the president and his party try to use the abortion issue and January 6th kangaroo court hearings to rile up their base and turn independents back toward them, or at least away from the Republican Party.

Then there’s the racial demographic breakdown, which holds similarly bad news for Biden, though perhaps not as bad as some other polls showing that Biden is even underwater with black voters. According to civiqs, about 60% of black voters approve of Biden, which might be good news for him, or at least is less terrible, but he’s underwater with all the other racial groups, even Hispanics.

Swing states too returned bad results for Biden, with only 29 percent of Georgians, 30 percent of Arizonians, 32 percent of Nevadans, 33 percent of Pennsylvanians, and 35 percent of Michiganians approving of the job he’s doing, with similarly bad results coming out of Wisconsin and New Mexico and even New Hampshire and New Jersey turning against him.

Those state polls are particularly bad news for Biden’s party, which needs to pull a miracle out of its hat in the 2022 midterms if it’s to hold onto power. Based on how few people support the current regime in those swing states, that seems exceedingly unlikely.

The reason for the results is obvious: though the Democrats are trying to get people riled up over the abortion issue with the leak of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs opinion and the January 6th “insurrection” with the hearings, that’s proven mostly unsuccessful, as Americans care far more about gas prices and inflation than AOC being scared on January 6th.

The RNC pointed that out in a tweet, saying:

Breitbart, noting what Americans actually care about, noted that:

Eighty percent of citizens believe inflation is an “extremely/very important” factor in how they will vote in midterm elections. Seventy-four percent said the same about gas prices.

That’s bad news for Democrats, the scope of it being exposed by the utter collapse in support for Slow Joe.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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