BOOM: Fraternal Order of Police VP Thrashes Biden, Democrats

Fraternal Order of Police National Vice President Joe Gamaldi spoke to Just the News’ TV program, “Just the News, Not Noise”, and absolutely ripped into Joe Biden and the Democrats for their stance on the police.

Perhaps most poignantly, he summed up how police feel about the present political situation by putting it bluntly, saying “I would say that most police officers don’t believe that Joe Biden is on their side.”

He then went on to tear into specific Democrat policies, such as the new Chicago rule that would prevent police from chasing down suspects. Speaking on that issue in particular, Grimaldi said:

Just when I think that they can’t coddle criminals any more than they do, they come out with a policy like this. Just when I think they can’t neuter our ability to enforce the law, they come out with something like this.”

He went on to add that the new Chicago rule sends a clear message to the thugs and criminals that are destroying Chicago, telling them “that all you have to do is run from the police and we’re not going to chase you.

For reference, Chicago police department officers can no longer chase suspects in misdemeanor cases nor if the suspects just run away, meaning that if criminals bolt rather than patiently waiting for the police to arrest them then it’s unlikely they’ll be held to account for their crimes.

Gamaldi then continued, blasting the Democrats that run the crime cesspools that are blue cities as putting their radical ideology before the people they’re supposed to protect from criminals, saying:

When you have these people pushing these horrific policies, they don’t give a damn about the community. It’s agenda over people.

And, describing what that ideological fervor and single-minded focus on far-left agenda items has led to, Gamaldi said “Our communities are fed up. They’re pissed off. They want safe streets.

And the frustration is certainly real in police departments, from which demoralized and angry police officers are quitting in droves rather than submit to the anti-cop rhetoric of the politicians and and dangers of the job. King 5, for example, reporting on the policing situation in Seattle, said:

The Seattle Police Department says it’s in a “staffing crisis” after 66 more officers left their jobs in 2021.

“We are at record lows in the city right now. I have about 1,080 deployable officers. This is the lowest I’ve seen our department,” Police Chief Adrian Diaz said Tuesday.

More than 180 sworn SPD officers left the department last year, a record, according to SPD figures.

Tim Kennedy, a former Green Beret sniper, also sounded off on the craziness of defund the police rhetoric during a recent Joe Rogan appearance, saying:

“How does it make any sense that I’m going to provide this group that I want to protect us with less training and less funding, but than still want them to be a better product to be able to protect us?”

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