BOOM: Trump Skewers Pro-Trans RINO Nancy Mace

Nancy Mace is a Republican Congresswoman from South Carolina who has raised Trump’s ire and backed pro-trans bills in the past, making her a seemingly poor fit for ruby-red and pro-Trump South Carolina.

Well, Trump absolutely ripped that RINO to shreds and seriously boosted her MAGA challenger in one of his “Save America” statement, saying:

Don’t forget that Katie Arrington, a wonderful person, is running against the terrible Nancy Mace, who really let us down.

Nancy fights Republicans all the time and is not at all nice about it.  Frankly, she is despised by almost everyone, and who needs that in Congress, or in the Republican Party?

Katie Arrington’s policies are perfect, she’s a hard worker, and she loves the Great State of South Carolina, where she has the tremendous backing of almost all who know her—especially when she is compared to Nancy Mace!

Vote for Katie Arrington on Tuesday, and thank you for the great support I’ve had in South Carolina—two landslide victories, and who knows, maybe another one soon coming!

And former President Trump wasn’t the only one who sounded off on Nancy Mace. American Principles, , did too, releasing a video on Twitter and saying:

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) co-sponsored a transgender rights bill that would take scholarships from female athletes, as well as allow men in girl’s locker rooms, female prisons, and even women’s shelters. Conservative? Not even close.

The referenced pro-transgender bill is the  “Fairness for All Act.” The Council for Christian Colleges, reporting on that act, noted that:

This initiative seeks to find a way to simultaneously combine federal protections for religious freedom and for LGBTQ persons, two “sides” that have often viewed their protections as being violated by the existence of protections for the other. Specifically, Fairness for All would create legal protections for LGBTQ persons in the basic areas of public space (employment, housing, stores, and restaurants), financial services, and jury duty service, while at the same time explicitly adding to the law the full scope of religious rights ensured by the Constitution.

Not least, Arrington herself, Mace’s primary challenger, hit Mace hard in a statement, saying:

Not only did she sign on to that bill, she went and sponsored, ladies and gentleman, sponsored legislation to set up an office of LGBTQ in the office of Veterans Affairs.

“Now, I don’t know about you, but when I took the oath of office to defend and uphold the Constitution, they didn’t ask me about my orientation, and they didn’t ask me about my gender. But Nancy Mace, this is what I’m saying. She is a Democrat. She is a Democrat. She lied to everyone. She lied to the President of the United States.

Arrington has otherwise made her campaign about positivity rather than going on the attack, saying, for example, “This message is about positivity. Believe in America, take America back again. Again. It’s just been phenomenal. The groundswell on this effort has been just amazing.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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