Congresswoman Exposes “Terrorist Chemical Attack” Created by Brandon’s Terrible Policies

Rep. Mary Miller, a Trump-supported Republican from Illinois, sounded off on the fentanyl crisis and how little Team Brandon has done to fight it when speaking to Just the News recently. In fact, not only did she insist that Biden isn’t doing enough to fight the use and spread of the destructive, dangerous drug, but she also went so far as to blame his policies for the depth of the disaster.

Speaking on that, Miller, who was certainly not pulling any punches, said:

The Biden administration has advertized and facilitated this invasion … Some of these countries are emptying their jails and prisons and sending them up here. The cartels have totally taken control of our border.

There is enough fentanyl coming over the border to kill every American multiple times over. In fact, I would say that we’re under a terrorist chemical attack. Over 100,000 of our youth died last year from drug overdoses.

“And for us, Illinois is a sanctuary state, thanks to the Democrats that are in control, and we basically roll out the red carpet for the people that are coming here illegally. And people, the regular citizens of Illinois, have had it.

Cartels are smuggling masses of the dangerous drug into America, able to produce it thanks to the Red Chinese sending them massive quantities of the chemicals needed to make it.

And Miller isn’t the only one who has attacked Biden for doing so little as the Red Chinese and cartels work to poison America with such a deadly drug. Tucker Carlson did as well in his recent show, saying:

So, yeah, okay, smoking is bad, smoking is about number 100 on the list of bad things that people are doing right now and putting into the bodies.

We are in the middle of a drug crisis, how about banning fentanyl from China? Why are you hassling tobacco? What is this about and why menthol? It’s all very bizarre and probably really bad.

The menthol situation Tucker, a Juul and Zyn user and former smoker, mentions is one of Biden’s more ridiculous plans.

Apparently, Team Biden’s FDA thinks that the real issue that needs to be focused on is menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars, and so it taking action to try and take those off of the market.

Forbes, reporting on a plan which could effect up to a third of smokable tobacco products sold in America, notes that:

Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Robert Califf told a Senate committee on Thursday the ban would reduce mortality risk for current smokers of menthol cigarettes or flavored cigars by “substantially decreasing their consumption and increasing the likelihood of cessation.”

The ban—which could take at least a year to go into effect—is expected to have the largest impact on Black smokers, the majority of whom smoke menthol cigarettes and whom the tobacco industry has targeted aggressively in marketing the products, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

So, while the cartels poison America with fentanyl and Red China helps them do so, Team Biden is trying to pluck cigarettes out of your mouth like a schoolmarm or Karen.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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