Dave Portnoy: Hold MSM Accountable for Pushing Amber Heard’s Lies [WATCH]

Dave Portnoy, the founder of hit site Barstool Sports, is far from being a conservative. Still, he hates the fake news with a passion rivaled perhaps only by Trump, and so took the Washington Post to task after the conclusion of the Amber Heard trial, saying that the fake news Washington Post should be held accountable for publishing Amber Heard’s lies.

Watch that here:

Emergency Press Conference – Doesn’t the @washingtonpost hold some responsibility for publishing the Amber Heard garbage?

Speaking about what the Washington Post did and why he thinks it should be held responsible, Portnoy, holding his “Emergency Press Conference,” said:

She posted this thing basically saying that Johnny Depp hit her, abused her, did all these horrible things, domestic violence, sexual deviancy, all this stuff up in the Washington Post. And what’s the Washington Post? They hold no responsibility in this?

Continuing, Portnoy noted how crazy it is that Washington Post can just run stories without corroborating them or fact-checking them at all and then not be held responsible for that, saying:

Amber Heard, seemingly scumbag, fair trial, got smoked. Everyone thought the case. The Washington Post- you can just do anything, you’re just saying anything, and they have no responsibility, no skin in the game, they cause all the damage to Johnny Depp?

“But no- ‘oh, she wants to say that he does this, that, the other thing we’ll just publish it. We’ll do no research on our own, no fact checking.’ It’s crazy.

Continuing on that line and slamming the journalists he refers to as “left-wing nutbags,” Portnoy then notes just how crazy it is that the WaPo can get away with ruining Depp’s film career without facing any consequences for doing so, saying:

“And then when it’s total bulls— and a guy- his life has been destroyed, they’re like ‘Oops, we didn’t know. Not our fault. Whoever we talked to wasn’t totally truthful. We didn’t do any digging. We just trusted them at their word.

“And we printed it ruined it, Nope not our fault.’ F—ing crazy times. Maybe things are starting to change a little bit.

“But if you ask me, the Washington Post should be held responsible as well. Like you gave her the platform, don’t you- like, don’t you have some responsibility to make sure what you publish isn’t s—?” 

Indeed, it’s absurd, the same sort of “reporting” that led to Trump’s first few years in office being ruined as leftist outlets ran fake story after fake story about him and his made-up ties to the Russians.

Mr. Portnoy has good reason to dislike fake news: he’s had a now long-running feud with leftist tabloid Business Insider over its claims that he sexually assaulted certain young women, claims he has categorically denied and fought with the leftie rag over.

So, though Mr. Portnoy does seem to mean what he says, it’s likely that he’s not just mad about how Johnny Depp was treated by the fake news media, but about how it has attempted to come for him too.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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