“Disarm the Populace”: Rep. Johnson Raises Major Red Flag about this Biden Plan

Rep. Mike Johnson started ringing the alarm bells all the lounder on Newsmax during a recent interview, warning that the goal of Biden’s war on gun rights isn’t the “safety” that the left claims it is, but rather to disarm the American populace.

Speaking on that when praising the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on the New York handgun law, about which it ruled that there is a right to carry a weapon and that demanding people show a reason for needing to carry a weapon before receiving a permit to do so is unconstitutional, Rep. Johnson said:

If you have to ask the state for permission to exercise a right, it’s not really a right at all. And I think what the court did today is affirm what we’ve been saying for a long, long time.

You don’t — you shouldn’t have to prove to the state some sort of special reason or ‘proper cause’ as they said…in order to exercise the Second Amendment, to carry a firearm, that the right to defend yourself and your family is fundamental and it is inalienable and the court has said that decisively today.”

Continuing, and turning from the court to Biden’s statement on the recent decision, Rep. Johnson said:

President Biden clearly has a disdain for our constitutional rights, our fundamental freedoms. I mean, remember, he infamously said just a few weeks back, he’d like to confiscate all of our nine-millimeter handguns.

“I mean, this is one of the most commonly held handguns, for self-protection, primarily, that the American people have, law-abiding citizens. So they have a zeal, really, a quest, a goal to disarm the populace.

“There’s really no other way to say that. It’s a political ideology that drives them and they have no regard for the Constitution at all. And he proves that over and over.”

Biden, for his part, got confused trying to describe what the Supreme Cout had decided, mixing up “shall” and “may” when trying to parse the difference between “shall issue” and “may issue” states, with Biden clearly not understanding the difference or why it’s important.

The Supreme Court, however, was not confused in the slightest, understanding perfectly well what the difference is, saying:

New York is not alone in requiring a permit to carry a handgun in public. But the vast majority of States—43 by our count—are ‘shall issue’ jurisdictions, where authorities must issue concealed-carry licenses whenever applicants satisfy certain threshold requirements, without granting licensing officials discretion to deny licenses based on a perceived lack of need or suitability. Meanwhile, only six States and the District of Columbia have ‘may issue’ licensing laws.

It found that “may issue” laws are impermissible, which could mean that the red flag laws of the sort the legislature just passed funding for in the new gun control bill are impermissible because of the discretion they give state officials when it comes to restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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