ESCAPTE NY: Thug Arrested Over 120 Times Let Back Out On New York’s

A thug so brazen that even Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg wants locked up has been released, free to return to the streets and continue preying on the law-abiding citizens trying to walk upon them by “law enforcement” that refuses to enforce the laws,

And that Manhattan DA is a real, dyed-in-the-wool leftist. He’s so far to the left, so radically soft on crime, that Giuliani’s police commissioner on 9/11, Bernie Kerik, singled him out for special abuse when sounding off on the state of law enforcement in New York City, saying:

Lose that prosecutor. Bag Bragg. He should never be in office. Worst DA ever. He’s emboldening bad guys. Harming citizens plus law enforcement doing their jobs.”

And even he wants this thug who was just released to be locked up, saying that he would have had prosecutors try to lock him up with pretrial detention had they been able to…but thanks to soft on crime policies, they weren’t.

That thug would be Lorenzo McLucas, a 34-year-old shoplifter. He was caught stealing from the cosmetics counter at a Duane Reade in Midtown Manhattan, his 122nd arrest. He was, despite the number of his arrests, “was released on his own recognizance” shortly after being caught thanks to the city’s bail laws.

And it wasn’t even just “petty larceny”, the shoplifting crime, that he was charged with when caught. He was also, unsurprisingly, carrying drugs and so was also charged with possession of a controlled substance. And still he was released back out onto the streets. It was crack in his pockets, according to police, so maybe he’d been hanging out with Hunter Biden.

The situation is highly frustrating to New York City police officers and detectives, one of whom, obviously enraged, was quoted by the New York Post as saying:

It’s f- -k,ing ridiculous.They just keep letting him out, and he does the same thing again. I feel so bad for the people who own retail stores. What’s the purpose anymore?

The purpose of owning a store? to provide a place for homeless to hang out and items for thugs to steal and resell, of course! How else would the unproductive population get by?

That’s a joke, but the problem has now grown so bad that even Bragg is starting to rethink how the city treats shoplifters, releasing a statement in which he said:

We cannot accept a system where individuals who shoplift again and again cycle in and out of jail, just to shoplift again.’’

Similarly, Kathy Wylde, president of Partnership for New York City, a collection of business owners in the city, recently claimed that the police were planning on cracking down on shoplifters, or are at least trying to deal with the problem again, saying:

It is a plan to reduce retail theft In Manhattan: Shoplifting and smash-and-go robberies. Something we very much need!

“They’re going to be focusing on a much closer working relationship with the NYPD to aggressively identify those folks who have high rates of recidivism,” she continued, “you know, it’s a relatively small number of relatively well-organized people who are committing most of these robberies that have so much increased in the recent years.”

We’ll see. In the meanwhile, McLucas and those like him are still out prowling the streets.

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