“Expert Idiot”: FNC’s Hilton Thrashes Technocracy in Scorching Statement

What made America so great for so long was that here, unlike in the oppressed states of Eastern Europe, bureaucratic nightmare states of Western Europe, despotic regimes of the East in past and present, or corrupt oligarchies of South America, all of which stifle innovation and creation, here people were free to do what they saw fit.

Businesses could be created or closed as necessary, industry thrived under the watchful eye but light hand of government, low taxes propelled the economy forward, and the ruthless but fair free market was prized over the comforting but inefficient and ineffective arms of a tyrannical bureaucracy.

That was the America of the Gilded Age, the America of the Founding, the America that Reagan reinvigorated to some degree, and the America that Trump worked his hardest to recreate.

Unfortunately, thanks to our continual drift toward bureaucracy and technocracy, as Fox News Channel’s Steve Hilton pointed out in a recent monologue, mercilessly tearing into the technocracy and its effects, saying:

“That’s the number one rule of government by ‘expert idiot.’ No one is ever held accountable, however much they screw up. Which of course we see in the absolute crowning glory of the expert idiot’s takeover of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Let’s just take a moment to remember the vanity, the self-importance, the sheer brazen certainty of these expert idiots who turned out to be completely devastatingly wrong.”

And that wasn’t all. Hilton proceeded to rip into the idea of rule by “expert idiot,” particularly through the lens of what America was built on and what ideas used to make America work, saying:

“Of course, it is all laughable now how wrong the experts were, how wrong the vast majority of the establishment media were to trust the experts. But it keeps happening.

“The establishment never learns. So we cannot just subcontract vital decisions about our lives to the experts. Wherever you look, the pandemic, crime, the military, the economy, what the experts have done to this country is an absolute travesty.

“And even if it wasn’t anti-democratic to put all this power in their hands – which it is, even if it didn’t contradict the very idea of what America was built on, self-government –– which it does, on a basic practical level, government by experts doesn’t work because as we have seen time and time again, the experts are idiots.”

From Fauci to General Milley, from the crazies in charge of the Fed that kept the money printers rolling at full blast to the jokers in charge of energy policy that have led to you paying $7 a gallon to fill up in some states, the experts have failed us horribly.

America was great and growing when it had a limited government and free market. Now it has neither and we’re seemingly on the verge of recession, with nothing the expert idiots are doing seeming like it will help. Fortunately, there are least a few like Hilton that are pointing it out.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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