Freak Out on ReidOut: MSNBC’s Joy Reid Makes Bizarre Accusation about Republicans

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid went on a crazy rant about Republicans during the Monday episode of her show “The ReidOut”, this time claiming that Republicans are so deranged that they want all those who disagree with them to feel unsafe.

She bizarrely began the monologue by defending the oft-derided and mocked concept of “safe spaces”, something that Republicans and conservatives attack not because they hate “safety”, as Reid says, but rather because they represent the absurd view that one must be kept safe from other opinions. Defending safe spaces, Reid said:

“The concept of safe spaces which the Merriam Webster dictionary describes as a place intended to be free of bias, conflict, criticism or potentially threatening actions, ideas or conversations. Like safe spaces for sexual assault survivors, transgender, etc., but for the idea on the right idea is something more threatening.

“Spaces online and in real life where conservatives feel they get shut down for voicing unpopular views and where political correctness and wokeness force them to walk on pins and needles or just keep quiet for fear of getting canceled. To put it mildly, they don’t like safe spaces, OK, they really, really hate them.

Apparently, conversations and criticisms are “threatening” now. Joy then turned her monologue about the Republican disdain for “safe spaces” into a claim that Republicans want Democrats to “feel afraid”, saying:

What’s happened on the right and specifically inside the Republican Party in the last couple of decades is that their sense of victimhood and frankly fear and rage at an increasingly diverse country where they aren’t automatically at center of everything, where other communities have gotten a chance to be focused on, like Hollywood and books and in the culture and have elected political leaders who look like them, President Obama, Kamala Harris and the guy who has recruited on to the bad list for being associated with both of them, Joe Biden.

“Their anger has frankly corroded into something more like hate, to the point where they, even as a minority. Only about 30% of Americans are Republicans, are openly flaunting the idea that because they’re not happy in and don’t feel affirmed by a more socially liberal modern multi-cultural and, yes, more secular America that there should be no safe spaces.

“If they had anything to do with it, there would be no place in this country where any of us should feel safe. That’s our punishment. We have a political party that’s selling demographic panic and rage and alienation, a really dangerous combination saying basically that Democrats should feel afraid.

The wacky MSNBC host then concluded her rant by giving supposed examples of the sort of people that Republicans want to make feel “afraid,” saying:

I mean, they’re saying immigrants should feel afraid and that quote, unquote, socialists should feel afraid, and since all Democrats are supposedly socialists, well. Too many immigrants are coming here. Build a wall to keep them out. Separate them from their kids. Women are having abortions and not helping grow the domestic population of infants. We’ll just pass laws to make them give birth. Rape, incest, we don’t care. You’re going to do it, and anyone who helps you should fear getting sued. They’re teaching history. That makes me mad. Ban the books, make teachers too afraid to teach what I don’t like.

“We’re not allowed to feel physically safe anywhere in America thanks to Republicans’ ironclad partnership with the blood-soaked NRA, which long ago quit the gun safety business and has been working for decades to make sure that the most lethal arms get into as many alienated 18 and 19-year-old incel hands as possible so that we can’t feel safe at Walmart, at the supermarket, at Bible study or church service, at the salon, at the hospital. Republicans want you to get used to feeling this way, unsafe, every, all the time.

In other words, your desire to defend the 2nd Amendment and to be able to freely discuss things with acquaintances and coworkers is really you wanting to make all Democrats feel “unsafe” when they shop for groceries.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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