Get Ready: Here’s The Day Trump’s Expected to Announce His 2024 Run

Are you ready for a great return to the heady days of the 2015-2020 meme wars online, a time of great hilarity and strife as the new, recently rejuvenated right took on the crazy left and started to wage culture war not in the unread pages of the National Review or unwatched talking head programs on cable news, but instead in the great, Balkanized battlefields of Twitter, no man’s land like inferno of Facebook, and even in the streets of America’s cities?

Well get ready, because the fight to save the West from the left’s depredations is looking like it’s about to come back full steam, with serious rumors swirling that Trump plans a great return to national politics on this July 4th, announcing his candidacy from the great state of Florida.

News on the potential for a Trump announcement comes from NBC, which reported that “Former President Donald Trump is bored at Mar-a-Lago and anxious to get back in the political arena — as a candidate, not a kingmaker — according to his advisers, who are divided over whether he should launch a third bid for the presidency as early as this summer.

Further, NBC quotes Jason Miller, one of the Trump insiders, current Gettr CEO, and toughest fighters in the MAGA movement, as saying:

“I’ve laid out my case on why I think he should do it. I think that there being clarity about what his intentions are [is important] so he can start building that operation while it’s still fresh in people’s minds and they’re still active — a lot of that can be converted into 2024 action.”

Not only that, but NBC spoke to Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich, who, rather than deny the rumors, as might be expected if Trump isn’t running or is planning on holding off, instead said that there’s a large appetite for a Trump comeback due to how poorly things are going under Biden, saying:

“America was strong, prosperous and greatly respected under President Trump, and that’s why he continues to have unprecedented strength through his endorsement record and the demand for his leadership has never been higher.”

And the rumors seem so real, at least to the libs, that they’re already panicking, with Vanity Fair even running a piece titled “REPORT: TRUMP TO TERRORIZE NATION WITH 2024 ANNOUNCEMENT SOON”.

And then the NBC report gets to the big, big part: the announcement could be just over two weeks away.

Yes, according to the report, Trump is considering making a major announcement on July 4th, as NBC reported, saying:

Two people in Trump’s orbit told NBC News they had been asked informally to hold July 4 as a date for a possible announcement, but Miller — noting that Trump hasn’t yet decided to run — said it is “not true” that the day has been reserved, even unofficially, for a launch.

Such an early Trump announcement would have numerous effects.

First off, it would effectively sweep the field of all but the RINOs and anti-Trumpers, as people like DeSantis would want to avoid fighting with the MAGA king who still holds between 50 and 60 percent of the GOP in thrall, allowing him to continue solidifying his grip on the GOP in the runup to 2024 and ensuring that it remains the MAGA party.

Secondly, it would crank the already intense culture war up to 11, as the former president causes leftist meltdowns and high emotions like no one else.

Third, and best of all, it would be one bright speck of news on an otherwise dark July 4th, a beacon of hope and potential for the revival of liberty in the dark days of the Biden regime.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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