GOP Rep: Trump Deserves the Credit for the Major Victory Conservatives Just Won

Who deserves the credit for the momentous victory that conservatives just won in the courts, defeating the abortion regime and getting Roe v. Wade overturned in the Dobbs opinion?

While the conservative justices themselves deserve quite a bit of credit for having the courage to stand up to the mob and the threats sure to follow the release of the opinion, they’re not the only ones who deserve to be praised.

President Trump deserves a healthy helping of credit as well, as he’s the one whose victory meant that those justices that turned the tables on the left and led to the overthrow of the abortion regime and who steadfastly stood by them during the contentious confirmation hearings, pushing through judges whenever he was able and finding good candidates for the jobs.

Rep. Barry Moore of Alabama made that point that Trump deserves credit when speaking during a radio interview, first talking about the potential moral consequences of the decision, saying:

I was ecstatic. You know, it’s 50 years in the making. Actually, I told a camera crew downstairs a while ago I think it is a curse on our nation that we’ve been killing our children, our unborn, for 50 years. I think it bodes well for America going forward, and I think there are certainly going to be some states to get to do what they want to do with this.”

Continuing he then noted what the likely consequences of the decision would be, bringing a dose of realism to the jubilant mood surrounding the decision but also noting that celebration was still appropriate, saying:

“But it puts it back into the people, into the state’s hands. And I think that’s where a lot of the regulations and laws belong — in local communities. But for us, we’re certainly celebrating it, and it has certainly been an interesting freshman tenure here in D.C.

Finally, he got to his point about Trump deserving the credit for getting elected and then putting a good slate of conservatives on the court, conservatives that might not be perfect but are certainly better than the radicals that Hillary would have installed on the court, saying:

Man, we haven’t gotten a lot of wins as Republicans with Pelosi and Schumer and President Biden in the White House. But I can tell you this: I noticed a long time ago those three Supreme Court justices were going to weigh heavy in the future of America.

And it was either going to be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump that made those picks. Man, what a glorious day for our country. And if nothing else, the president deserves a lot of credit for putting three solid judges on the court. And man, what a great day for America.”

Indeed. A wonderful day, a wonderful victory, and a wonderful president who will hopefully win again in 2024, should he choose to run again.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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