“Groomer Panic”: Leftist Talking Heads Attempt to Downplay Threat to Children, Mock the Right for Wanting to Keep Kids Safe

In a meeting of the mindless, MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson spoke with NBC News’ Ben Collins to discuss what they labeled “groomer panic,” by which they meant the right’s concerns that creepy teachers don’t have good intentions when they talk to young children about sex and their genitals.

Jackson kicked things off by claiming that the worry that groomers are trying to molest children is leading to that constant bugaboo of the left: “right-wing extremism”, saying:

“Right-wing extremists fueling attacks against the LGBTQ+ community during this pride month as NBC News is reporting. We saw the arrest of those 31 white nationalists in Idaho last weekend allegedly on their way to a pride event, but online, right-wing personalities have inundated LGBTQ allies and activists with threats forcing them to cancel events altogether.”

Continuing, Jackson sounded the alarm over…people being disconcerted with creepily dressed drag queens spending lots of time with young children, saying:

Consider this, mentions of drag queen story hour on Twitter went up 777% in the last month, according to data provided by NBC news by a social media intelligence company.

“Since then, since all of those mentions, we’ve seen members of Proud Boys storm a local library hosting one of these events, harassing the performer, forcing the library to boost its security, and a California state senator got a bomb threat for joking about making drag queen story hour a part of school curriculum.

Collins then came on and, after similarly screaming that the sky was falling because a guy showed up to a library to protest drag queen story hour, went on to claim that “groomer fever” was the real culprit and that the right is to blame because it’s concerned that creeps are talking to kids, saying:

“However, this has been going on for months and months. This whole groomer panic. The idea that Disney movies are grooming children to become gay or trans. This was a big thing in the last few months. The difference is now they are targeting very specific events because it’s pride month. There are a lot of pride month events out there hosted by things like local libraries and schools and private companies, as well.”

Never mind that Disney is actually inserting random gay content into its movies, that gay teachers seem to have an odd fascination with talking to their pupils about sex, or that a teacher in Hawaii who was one of the ones leading the charge against the “groomer” label was just caught raping a 13-year-old and distributing the video of his doing so, this is just “groomer panic”.

Collins then went on to attack the right’s focus on CRT too and, as is usual now, attacked the excellent “Libs of TikTok” account, saying:

The infrastructure of the critical race theory panic where people would find these examples in local schools and they would blow them out of proportion or take them out of context and say this is proof that they’re trying to indoctrinate your children and that’s what happened, there are some accounts that have come out of that and they have shifted their focus entirely to anti-LGBTQ causes.

“For example, there’s this account called “Libs of TikTok” which is a big driver in the space and they are constantly showing what they believe to be examples of the excesses of the LGBTQ community and adding sentences “We live in Hell” or “We are in Hell” to the end of it and it drives these communities, these anti-trans communities to action, and now they identify very specific events. Coeur D’ Alene was one of those events.

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