Heartwarming: Texas Agencies Help Young Boy with Terminal Cancer Fulfill Dream of Becoming a Cop

As hatred directed towards America’s police officers and police forces heats up in the wake of the death of George Floyd, which motivated the left, and the horrible, cowardly police non-response to the shooting in Uvalde, TX, which angered pretty much everyone, it’s important to remember that many police officers are still good guys and worthy of respect.

Fortunately, some young people still get that and understand the truth about police officers and the honorable way in which they go about their incredibly hard jobs, as the case of 10-year-old, terminal cancer patient Devarjaye “DJ” Daniel shows.

That young man, a black kid from the Houston area who is battling terminal brain cancer and spinal cancer, diagnoses that are beyond horrible when his young age is considered, wanted nothing more to be a police officer.

So, to fulfill that dream and give the much suffering young boy a chance to be a cop, Texas police agencies responded and helped him out.

Specifically, as KRGV reports, “Law enforcement agencies from Hidalgo, Cameron and Willacy County swore him in Wednesday at the Livestock Show Arena in Mercedes.

Theodis Daniel, DJ Daniel’s father, spoke about the heartwarming ceremony, saying:

This is what he wants, he wanted to be a police officer. He may not be able to get a chance to do it, but they are making it happen.

“This is actually the most agencies that have sworn him in. In any place that we’ve been so far. The Rio Grande Valley’s heart is not this big, the Valley’s heart is like this big.”

DJ’s original goal was to be sworn in by 100 agencies, but, in another heartwarming result, over 500 police agencies have responded, helping make his dream come to life.

And it’s not just Texas cops that are helping the young boy out. New York officers did too, with Breitbart reporting that:

In April, the little boy was also sworn in by the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and enjoyed every minute of his visit with the force.

Speaking on DJ and the whole situation at that time, DJ’s father said:

Help and have them live their best life to the end, to the end. Don’t give them a constant reminder. That’s what I do for him, you see he laughs, he jokes. He wants everybody to know ‘Hey, I love you so much, give me a hug.’” 

These might be dark days, with much going badly in the world and America, particularly in the realm of law enforcement and its relationship with the American people.

But, as the story of DJ shows, there are many Americans of every race and creed out there that understand cops are still the good guys and many police officers willing to take the time to help people out and show Americans that they’re not the big, bad wolves the media and its allies in the Democratic Party have built them up as being.

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