Hispanic House Candidate Rips Biden’s Pro-Illegal Immigration Policies

Why are ever more Hispanic voters seemingly drifting away from Democrats and toward Republicans, particularly steel-spined, MAGA Republicans, in elections? Republican House candidate Mayra Flores, in a recent speech, provided what’s likely at least a partial answer: Brandon’s open border policies aren’t in any way helping Hispanic American citizens.

Speaking on that to the House GOP’s Hispanic Leadership Trust and telling Just the News about her speech, Flores said:

“What I tell them is that as your next congresswoman I will put my district first. I will put you first, and I will treat this district like my home, and we need to start taking care of our own home first, and if we’re able to help our neighbors, of course, we will, but as your next congresswoman, I will always put you first. And that resonates with them.

“And the border security issue, it’s affecting them tremendously. It’s right next to us, you know, we’re not seeing it on TV. We’re seeing it right there. It’s right in our backyard. And our border patrol agents are constantly also being disrespected.” 

She also emphasized the respect for law enforcement that she and others like her hold, saying:

“My husband is a border patrol agent, but there are border patrol agents, our neighbors, they are our daughters, they are familia. So the constant disrespect on our law enforcement is very personal to us, and that is just not who we are in South Texas. We are very law enforcement friendly. We we support them 100%. So the Democrat Party has just walked away from us.” 

Perhaps most important, however, was what she said about the immigration system and how the Biden Administration’s approach was helping no one, saying:

Explain to me,” she said,” how having immigrants crossing a dangerous river, having to go through rape and abuse and having to pay criminal organizations thousands of dollars — how is that helping anyone? If we really want to help someone, if we really want to help the immigrants, we would focus on legal immigration and the process: How can we encourage good people to come to this country and do it the right way, where they don’t have to go through such a dangerous journey?

“Over 60% of women and children are being abused. I have children, I just can’t imagine — and no one should have to go through that for the American dream. I want the American dream for children and of course, other people who are coming from other countries. I’m from Mexico, of course I want that opportunity, but I want every child to have the same experience that I had when I came here to this country.

“If we really care about immigrants, we would focus on legal immigration, and not illegal immigration, which is hurting not only the American people, but them as well,” she said. “And it’s honestly heartbreaking to see what’s happening in South Texas. It’s really inhumane that we’re seeing these things happen and that the Biden administration continues to encourage this. It’s really heartbreaking.

Flores’ emphasis on Democrats and Hispanics diverging is backed up by polling, which has shown that Hispanic support for Democrats has collapsed under the Biden presidency.

Though other issues are certainly to blame, at least in part, for that collapse in support, Flores makes a fair point in saying that the current illegal immigration situation is good for no one, particularly recent immigrants.

What remains to be seen, however, is how much of a shift in voting patterns that shift in opinion will translate to in November.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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