Levin Sounds Off, Exposes Democrat Tyranny

FNC host Mark Levin furiously sounded off on the Democratic Party’s push toward tyranny in a monologue on his show show “Life, Liberty & Levin,” saying that the sort of conduct involved in the show trial-like January 6th hearings is a “dark mark on the American political system”.

Beginning, Levin exposed the hearing as not really being about the truth or even to collect information, but rather to produce a Hollywood-made, Soviet-like show trial of the sort that would make Trump look bad.

Speaking on that, Levin said:

There is no way we can get to the truth under this committee. And what is the purpose of the hearing? The purpose of a hearing is not to present a Hollywood-produced show trial. The purpose of a hearing is to garner information.

Continuing, Levin pointed out the ridiculousness of the whole charade and poked a major hole in what they’re saying about witnesses and who exactly they have called, saying:

They say they had 1,000 witnesses and 140,000 documents. A thousand witnesses and 140,000 documents? In order to determine what? How to protect the Capitol building?

“A thousand witnesses, and yet they couldn’t call one more, Nancy Pelosi, to explain what she did or didn’t do. And more and more information is coming out about how incompetent and irresponsible Nancy Pelosi was — her failure to protect that building.

Levin then got to his main point, which is just how disgraceful and disgusting the show trials of the Soviet sort that are the January 6th hearings are, saying

Now, this is a sham. This will go down in history as a dark mark on the American political system. You can’t see it now — the mob is in control, the mob runs the media; the propaganda is full-throated. You can’t see it now, but history has a way of sobering events.

Continuing to expound on that point, Levin pointed out just what this sort of craven political display shows about the American political system and the legislature, saying:

And we will see this one day as the outrageous attack on our system on the prior president, on scores of people that it truly is. It’s an abomination to the American system — not just of justice but our congressional and representative system.

And what is it that the trials ultimately represent? What about the state of America do they show? That, under the rule of the current Democrat regime, this is a land of tyranny, not liberty. Speaking on that, Levin said:

This is tyranny. You’re staring it in the face.”

Fortunately, while Democrats have gone all in on pushing their lie about Trump, the GOP, the 2020 election, and January 6th through the hearings, those hearings haven’t done overly well in the sphere of ratings, even looking like a flop compared to other highly publicized political events.

Democrats might be pushing a line and pushing it hard, but Americans get what’s really going on.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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