Like “Idiocracy”: Elon Sounds Warning on Population, Intelligence Collapse with Hilarious Tweet

Unlike most of our craven elites, who are doing seemingly everything possible to dramatically reduce the American population in the name of fighting “climate change” or some such similar idea, Tesla CEO and soon to be owner of Twitter Elon Musk took to the cursed bird app to hammer current demographic trends in the West, comparing them to a movie about the world getting far, far dumber.

Watch the opening scene of Idiocracy.

When I ask my friends why they’re not yet having kids (very few are), it sounds exactly like the movie.

In the scene, the movie switches back and forth between a smart, professional couple that avoids having kids for reasons of planning and financial security and an obviously broke, feeble-minded American that proceeds to have dozens of kids with various women, not giving a thought in the world to the costs imposed by doing so. Thanks, welfare state!

Elon commented on the above tweet too, saying “It may as be a documentary, since it’s coming true“. Indeed, it sure does.

Elon proceeded to cheer one man who said he was attempting to have six kids with his wife, saying “Rock On!” in response to the man saying “So many parents here in Korea ask my wife and me why we’re crazy enough to have 3 kids. I tell them we’re only half way there!

Korea is one of the nations facing steep demographic decline, something Elon has drawn attention to before.

Others commented on Elon’s tweet too, sharing their takes on why relatively smart, wealthy couples aren’t having kids while the least able to take care of kids among us have entire broods.

Conservative commentator Cernovich, for instance, blamed hedonism and worries pushed by regime media, saying:

Regime media said for years children make you less happy, cost too much to raise, bad for climate, you name it. I bet your childless friends have left wing political views. They are victims of mind control. Sad to see. Even sadder is they don’t know it.

Part of the problem, too, is an obsession with food, wine, and other hedonic trifles. No spiritual depth other than maybe a random Burning Man. We live in an era of glibness.

Another commenter blamed the current state of work in America, saying:

For people working 60+ hours a week at middle-class jobs who can’t afford even a small home, the thought of raising a child in their parents’ basement is understandably unappealing. Much of this has to do with city proximity and job concentration. Remote work could change things.

Yet another blamed the welfare state, saying:

Perhaps if we removed the welfare state, which subsidized the poor choices of those who irresponsibly have many kids with many women and imposes costs on the middle class, which then has to wait to have kids, this would be less of an issue.

All might be right. There are lots of problems for those wanting to start families, problems that will have to be overcome if America isn’t to be wiped away by a demographic disaster of one sort or another.

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