LOL: AOC Loses It Over Term “Latinx” [WATCH]

With Democrat chances of remaining in power of the legislature after the November midterms looking worse and worse by the day, what is the entirely estimable Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez of New York focusing on? The most important issue of all: the use of the term “latinx”.

Yes, really. She, in a “mini-rant” on her Instagram page, decided that the use of that term, one preferred by all most no one other than a few radical leftists on university campuses, is what she needed to focus on in the rant.

So that’s exactly what she did. Speaking about the term and use of it in her rant, AOC said:

I also have a mini-rant about this because there are some politicians, including Democratic politicians, that rail against the term ‘Latinx.’ And they’re like, ‘this is so bad, this is so bad for the party,’ like blah blah blah.

And it’s almost like it hasn’t struck some of these folks that another person’s identity is not about your reelection prospects.

Watch her here:

Apparently, no one ever told AOC that getting reelected matters if you want to get policies passed and remain in power. Hence her denigration of the idea that polticians shouldn’t do things that are bad for their party, particularly when it comes to minor issues like the use of the term “latinx”. Perhaps AOC and Liz Cheney could bond over that complete lack of understanding of party politics.

And the use of the term is, in fact, quite bad for the party. According to recent polling, polling, it should be noted, that was conducted by a Democratic firm, Hispanics so dislike the term that only two percent use it and thirty percent would be less likely to politically support those that, like AOC, use it.

Furthermore, that poll wasn’t a one-off. Other, similar polls, got the same result, as Mediaite reported back in December, noting that:

Last year, a Pew Research poll said only 23 percent of Hispanics had even heard of the term and only 3 percent used it. Gallup got similar results this summer, with only 4 percent of Hispanics saying they preferred the term.

So AOC, in pushing the term, is appealing to almost no one and is likely turning off a large chunk of the Hispanic (or should I say “latinx”?) electorate.

Other Democrats, despite perhaps holding similar views to AOC on the term, are smarter about optics regarding it, with the Democrat chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus banning use of it within his office. He announced as much on Twitter, saying:

To be clear my office is not allowed to use “Latinx” in official communications.
When Latino politicos use the term it is largely to appease white rich progressives who think that is the term we use. It is a vicious circle of confirmation bias.

Let’s hope AOC keep up the nonsense and makes the red wave coming this November even larger.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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