LOL: Liz Cheney’s New Democrat Friends Turn On Her

Well, RINO Rep. Liz Cheney’s strategy of siding against staunch conservatives like former President Donald Trump and with her father’s harshest, most savage critics, the leftists, hasn’t worked out so well.

Now she’s despised by the right and, having spoken out in favor of the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Dobbs, hated by the left she’s done so much to help too, her usefulness as a useful idiot paling in comparison to their hatred of her for standing up to the abortion regime.

For reference, she did so in a tweet, saying:

I have always been strongly pro-life. Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court returns power to the states and the people of the states to address the issue of abortion under state law.

She was quickly, viciously, attacked by commenters on Twitter, many of whom ditched their previous support of her for being so stridently anti-Trump and went back to hating on her.

One, for example, said: “And this is why Liz Cheney will never hold higher office again.
Regardless of any good she does in the Jan 6 hearings. I’ll say it again: Doing your job doesn’t make you a hero.

Another pointed out how bad of an idea it was for the woman desperately courting Democrats to then turn and side against the one issue they care so much about, saying: “Oh gurl. You just sent out emails asking Dems to switch party affiliation to help you win your race. You should have kept this secret for a bit longer.”

And there was this, as if the abortion issue, to SCOTUS, was a religious one rather than a constitutional one: “I don’t care what the Bible says. I don’t care what your beliefs are. You have NO right to tell me what to believe in or how to live. That is supposed to be MY Constitutional right.”

Then there was the always-to-be-found claim that abortion restrictions mean the court is about to bring back Jim Crow, with one self-professed “conservative” saying: “Further, “State’s Rights” in cases like this are code: What else would you give states right to decide? Slavery? Mixed-race marriage? Separate but Equal? Rights must be nation-wide or they are not true rights. A woman must have right to make healthcare decisions, not the state.

But most of the hate directed Liz’s way came from Democrats, who posted the obligatory sob stories and pictures of coat hangers in a desperate attempt to try to make Liz feel bad, with few conservatives coming to her defense for the obvious reason that she’s been attacking real conservatives for so long now.

With Liz Cheney shooting herself in the foot by demolishing whatever remaining hope she might have had in courting Democrat voters to remain in office in Wyoming, the question now is whether she’s just delusional, or if she’s “principled” to the point of insanity. Either way, she’s not going to win in November.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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